Facebook Already Controls Our Information. Don’t Let It Control Our Commerce
Sovereign Nations

In recent years, not a month has gone by without yet another unsettling exposé of Facebook’s content-moderation policies and corporate machinations….

Brexit and the Deficiencies of Parliament
Sovereign Nations

It is remarkable that the UK Parliament has spent almost a year of debates about the Brexit deal agreed by Theresa May’s government and the European Union. Indeed, about one small detail…

UK: Tony Blair Think-Tank Proposes End to Free Speech
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The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change has released a report, Designating Hate: New Policy Responses to…

One Quarter of Germans Now Come From Migrant Backgrounds
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The number of migrant-background residents in Germany has reached a new all-time high at 25.5 percent of the population, and a significant 42 per cent of young children in Germany are of…


Enabling China’s Mass Surveillance System
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In the 18th century, Jeremy Bentham, an English philosopher, jurist, and social reformer, introduced the idea of the Panopticon, a disciplinary concept brought to life in the form of a central observation tower…

UK and US: Toxic Politics
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In the often staid world of politics, the allure of the outsider appeals to a desire for change. Sometimes all it takes to impress the public in today’s political climate is to…

Democrats’ Plan To Nationalize Land Is Democratic Socialism In Action
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Wall Street Journal editorial of July 10th, 2019 lays out what the House Democrats’ most recent socialist scheme…

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Sovereign Nations
Culture Sep 5, 2019
by James Lindsay & Michael O'Fallon

The integrity of the scientific and scholarly research record is as near to something sacred as can be found in the secular academic world. This is because this canon is the fundamental basis for what we can consider (provisionally) true about the world, which then leads to the development and implementation of technologies, procedures, and policies. The effectiveness of these we, in turn, depend upon for everything that keeps a modern, advanced nation and economy functioning.

Accordingly, there are stiff penalties involved for those who are found tampering with the integrity of the scholarly record. Papers will be retracted, for example, and researchers who engage intentionally in biased or bogus practices can be sanctioned or barred…



The new proposed definition would criminalize criticism of Islam.
/ Sep 18
Bliss is good for the mind and body, it’s the antidote to the unabating bombardment of noise, stress, and distractions we deal with the other 51 weeks of the year.
/ Sep 13
Disturbingly, the main concern of Tony Blair's think-tank appears to be the online verbal "hatred" displayed by citizens in response to terrorist attacks.
/ Sep 12
How the left uses woke, corporate America to evade democracy.
/ Sep 11
Incoming innocents, entering into such an unsafe space as the first day of school, are increasingly less likely to encounter any requirement for inner strength as they face, for the first time, the perils of the world without maternal protection.
/ Sep 13
It is remarkable that the UK Parliament has spent almost a year of debates about the Brexit deal agreed by Theresa May's government and the European Union.
/ Sep 12
The number of migrant-background residents in Germany has reached a new all-time high of 25.5 percent, and 42 per cent of children are of migrant backgrounds.
/ Sep 11
Ditching credit cards for facial recognition will remove the last physical barrier between our bodies and Corporate America.
/ Sep 10


African Migrants Protest Denial of Passage Through Mexico to U.S.
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Hundreds of African migrants are finding themselves trapped in Mexico’s southern border region after new immigration rules no longer allow them safe passage to the U.S. The rule changes now say they…

Africa Doesn’t Need More Development Aid, It Needs More Capitalism
Sovereign Nations

In 1990, the UN made a commitment to reduce global poverty by 50% within 25 years. That this ambitious goal has been achieved is largely due to China’s success. Within the…

The Plan To Change Everything: Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Inside-Out
Sovereign Nations

What if you were seeking to subvert or deconstruct the current laws of the United States, our constitution, our way of life?…

Grievance Scholars Expose the Trojan Horse of Social Justice in Faith & Academics
Sovereign Nations

In this first of five interviews conducted in New York City, Sovereign Nations Founder Michael O’Fallon and the co-founders of New Discourses, Dr. Peter Boghossian and Dr. James Lindsay, discuss the current tools of societal and institutional deconstruction being…


Defending The Nation
Sovereign Nations

For Yoram Hazony, governments are either nations or empires. This is a more superficial distinction than Aristotle’s, for whom a regime’s purpose is paramount, whether ruled by one, few,…

Making Hungary Great Again
Sovereign Nations

In the center of Europe, Hungary has been creating and enacting family-centered policies that promote marriage, childbirth and families with lots of children since 2010, the year Vik

Notre Dame Cathedral | The Causes Of Things Ep. 10
Sovereign Nations

In days of old, a Cathedral represented the very center of faith, culture, and people of a nation.

I share my thoughts and reflections on the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral on a special…