Soros-Tied Hillary Alumni Group Raising Funds to Challenge Trump’s ‘Racist Wall’ in Courts
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Demand Justice, an organization founded by former members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and associated with a “social welfare organization” financed by billionaire activist George Soros, is raising money for an…

The European Union’s Massive Brexit Self-Harming Exercise
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As the resumption of the Brexit debate looms in the House of Commons, it is reported that the European Commission is haughtily retaining…

George Bernard Shaw Was so Enamored with Socialism He Advocated Genocide to Advance It
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In an excerpt from her recently published book Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism,…

The Other Intersectionality: Victims of Islamism
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The term “intersectionality” was coined by an African-American academic, Kimberlé Crenshaw, in 1989 to denote the circumstance of being the target of more than…


French Generals Accuse Macron Of “Treason” Over UN Migration Pact
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A group of French military generals have written an open letter to Emmanuel Macron accusing the French President of committing “treason” by signing the UN migration pact.

The pact, which was signed by…

Report: Google Funds Establishment Conservatives to Fight Tech Regulation
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Google works with establishment conservative think tanks that argue against regulating the tech giant, one of which had its pro-Google opinions published in National Review, according to a new 

Mueller’s Investigation is Missing One Thing: A Crime
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A baby born when Robert Mueller started his investigation would be talking by now. But would she have anything to say?

We last looked at what…

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The key term to understand any developments in politics, religion, financial markets, or social sciences today is the loaded power word, "reflexivity."

The key term to understand any developments in politics, religion, financial markets, or social sciences today is the loaded power word, reflexivity.

In simple terms, reflexivity can be simply understood as a “self-fulfilling prophecy” or as an outcome that can be determined or assured due to overwhelming propaganda.

Reflexivity refers to circular relationships between cause and effect. A reflexive relationship is bidirectional with both the cause and the effect affecting one another in a relationship in which neither can be assigned as causes or effects. In sociology, reflexivity, therefore, comes to mean an act of self-reference where examination or action “bends back on”, refers to, and affects the entity instigating the action or examination.

Powerfully influenced by his mentor, Karl Popper, Economist and Political Influencer George Soros has promoted the relevance of reflexivity in his book, the Alchemy of Finance. Not to be constrained by the use of reflexivity in economics, Mr. Soros has continued to use reflexive principles in anthropology, sociology, and politics.

To this extent, it commonly refers to the capacity of an agent to recognize forces of socialization…



Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is leading an effort to create a pan-European populist alliance to challenge the pro-European establishment over the future of the European Union.
/ Jan 15
Alan Keyes calls Trump TV speech 'an act of impeccable statesmanship'.
Keyes / Jan 14
Should a church choose a pastor or elder based on the color of skin rather than his abilities and competency in God's Word? Is ethnic pragmatism helpful or harmful?
/ Jan 10
Censored from today's campuses is discussion of another, in various respects competing, intersectionality: That of the shared, intersecting, predicaments of today's victims of Islamist aggression, including terrorism.
/ Jan 9
Another datum on how postmodernism’s political reflexes are authoritarian — despite its high-theory-ambiguity stance — and that the theory provides rhetorical cover for politicization.
/ Jan 14
To claim that an easily removable obstacle that will gravely harm Ireland provides essential protection to Ireland may not be the funniest joke in Irish history, but it is a good candidate for becoming the most expensive one.
/ Jan 10
For decades, Shaw was a staunch proponent of genocide, refusing to soften his views even after the full horror of the Nazi death camps was brought to light.
/ Jan 9
It is almost as though the UK government has decided that while extremist clerics can only rarely be banned, critics of such clerics can be banned with ease.
/ Jan 8


Italy Building Anti-EU Axis
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Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is leading an effort to create a pan-European populist alliance to challenge the pro-European establishment over the future…

Build The Wall, Protect Us All
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President Trump’s televised addressed to the nation on Tuesday was an act of impeccable statesmanship. He said what was needed, in the way it needed to be said. He addressed the cost…

Why The West Must Safeguard Free Speech
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The freedom to express oneself without fear and the tolerance for opposing viewpoints are what binds otherwise diverse, democratic societies. In the United States, this freedom is 

Soros-Founded School Says Forced Out Of Hungary On ‘Dark Day For Europe’
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The Central European University, founded by billionaire George Soros, said on Monday it had been forced out of Hungary in “an arbitrary eviction” that violated academic freedom, and it confirmed plans to…


Hungary Defiant in the Face of EU Censure
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The European Parliament has voted to pursue unprecedented disciplinary action against Hungary over alleged breaches of the European Union’s “fundamental values.” The EU has accused…

Germany: Anti-Immigration Party Surges in Popularity
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The murder of a German citizen by two failed asylum seekers in Chemnitz, and the attempted cover-up by German police, has contributed to a surge in support for the anti-immigration party Alternative…

Punishment and Personhood
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What are the real-world effects of the “rights revolution”—the legal revolution of the past thirty or so years in creating and expanding individual rights? What are its consequences for the…



Alan Keyes: Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty
In this short video, Ambassador Alan Keyes addresses the need to know what you are
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Famous Church Forbids Bible Reading On Premises
Two separate incidents in which London police arrested a man reading the Bible outside the
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