Soros in Retreat: Billionaire’s University to Move from Budapest to Vienna
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After a sustained campaign against the influence of left-wing billionaire George Soros by the Hungarian government, Soros’s Central European University has announced its plans to move from Budapest to Vienna.

The Central European…

The Liberal Progressive Strategy of “Rent An Evangelical”
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As recent leaked…

The Stifling Uniformity of Literary Theory
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In 1976, the Nobel-prize winning economist, F.A. Hayek, published The Mirage of Social Justice, the second volume of his magnum opus Law, Legislation and Liberty.

Judicial Watch Sues for More George Soros Documents
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Hungarian-American George Soros became a billionaire from hedge funds he started, and also from short-selling pounds sterling during England’s currency crisis in 1992. That maneuver earned him $1 billion and the appellation,…


Mexico Is Helping A Mass Of Illegals Invade U.S. Borders This Weekend
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With Mexico openly helping an invading force to reach the United States, what is to be done?

We, in this country, in this generation, are — by destiny rather than by choice —…

Why ‘Social Justice’ Is A ‘Blank Check’ for Government Power
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“In politics, the great non-sequitur of our time is that 1) things are not right and that 2) the government should make them right. Where right all too often means cosmic…

The Sorry State of Evangelical Political Theology
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I. With the election of Donald Trump, the erosion of evangelical unity around shared political goals has accelerated dramatically. Whatever center or core there once was in the evangelical movement, evangelicalism has…

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The key term to understand any developments in politics, religion, financial markets, or social sciences today is the loaded but power word, "reflexivity."

The key term to understand any developments in politics, religion, financial markets, or social sciences today is the loaded power word, reflexivity.

In simple terms, reflexivity can be simply understood as a “self-fulfilling prophecy” or as an outcome that can be determined or assured due to overwhelming propaganda.

Reflexivity refers to circular relationships between cause and effect. A reflexive relationship is bidirectional with both the cause and the effect affecting one another in a relationship in which neither can be assigned as causes or effects. In sociology, reflexivity, therefore, comes to mean an act of self-reference where examination or action “bends back on”, refers to, and affects the entity instigating the action or examination.

Powerfully influenced by his mentor, Karl Popper, Economist and Political Influencer George Soros has promoted the relevance of reflexivity in his book, the Alchemy of Finance . Not to be constrained by the use of reflexivity in economics, Mr. Soros has continued to use reflexive principles in anthropology, sociology, and politics.

To this extent, it commonly refers to the capacity of an agent to recognize forces of socialization and alter their place in the social structure. A low level…



The popularisation of ‘social constructionism’ is widely agreed to be traceable to the publication of The Social Construction of Reality by the sociologists Peter L. Berger and Thomas Luckmann in 1966.
/ Apr 18
Unwillingness to engage with the ‘other side’ is not only endemic in the radical intellectual schools that have overtaken literary studies, but also that it is symptomatic of their entire way of thinking which has no language to deal with critics beyond reactive moral condemnation.
/ Apr 16
Hungarian-American George Soros became a billionaire from hedge funds he started, and also from short-selling pounds sterling during England’s currency crisis in 1992. That maneuver earned him $1 billion and the appellation, “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England.”
/ Apr 13
Jordan Peterson, the Canadian clinical psychologist, is obviously rattling the left, based on the hysterical claims being made about him.
/ Apr 11
The starting point for understanding inequality in the context of human progress is to recognize that income inequality is not a fundamental component of well-being.
/ Apr 17
During the 15 years that I spent researching and writing my recently completed trilogy on racial and cultural issues,1 I was struck again and again with how common huge disparities in income and wealth have been for centuries, in countries around the world– and yet how each country regards its own particular disparities as unusual, if not unique.  Some of these disparities have been among racial or ethnic groups, some among nations, and some among regions,
/ Apr 14
The man who gave us Narnia also mounted firm opposition to the progressive-leftist ideals that swept swiftly across the world stage in his time.
/ Apr 12
Is the postmodern theory of intersectionality–the new master narrative of the left, which claims to expose the hidden and overlapping structures of oppression in Western societies–intrinsically hostile to Jews and Israel?
/ Apr 11


Why The Authoritarian Right Is Rising
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A fortnight ago, Viktor Orban and his Fidesz Party won enough seats in the Hungarian parliament to rewrite his country’s constitution.

To progressives across the West, this was disturbing news.

For the bête noire of Orban’s…

The Mysticism of ‘Social Justice’
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There is little politicians can do to rectify cosmic injustice.

If there were a Hall of Fame for political rhetoric, the phrase “social justice” would deserve a prominent place there. It has the…

Judicial Watch Sues for Records on Taxpayer-Funded Soros Projects Overseas
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The conservative watchdog Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit to try to obtain records from the State Department about the taxpayer-funded political activities of George Soros’s groups in Colombia and…

There’s No Western Civilization Without Christianity
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As my boss is prone to remind me, you can’t enjoy the fruit by cutting down the tree.

Yet, that is exactly what many today hope to do when it comes to…


The End of Democracy?
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This is the first of a two-part series, to read Part 2, click here.

For many complex reasons,…

Bambi vs. Godzilla: Cathy Newman vs. Jordan Peterson
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In order to understand the title of this article, you need to watch a video. I regard this video as the finest low-budget cartoon ever produced. It is titled “Bambi Meets Godzilla.” It was made in 1969. This will…

Nunes Memo Released: Disputed Dossier Was Key To FBI’s FISA Warrant To Surveil Trump Admin
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The memo, which has been at the center of an intense power struggle between congressional Republicans, was declassified ahead of its release Friday.