A Single Global Standard For Internet Content Regulation Is A Recipe For Censorship
Sovereign Nations

“If governments are to retain a firm hold of authority and not be compelled to yield to agitators, it is imperative that freedom of judgment should be granted, so that men…

Pope Francis Calls For New ‘Supranational’ Authorities To Enforce UN Goals
Sovereign Nations

Pope Francis made a strong new push for globalism on May 2, 2019, calling for a supranational, legally constituted body to enforce United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and implement “climate change”…

Rent-A-Child Services Thriving At The Border
Sovereign Nations

Mindful of the leftist-led uproar over family separations at the border, immigration scammers are now taking advantage of American good will by “renting” children for cash…

Irish Councillor Proposes Banning Ireland Flag To Avoid Offending Foreign Nationals
Sovereign Nations

Matthew Waine made his remarks during consideration of a motion to adopt the practice at the Swords headquarters of Fingal County Council, one of four councils in


Denmark in a State of Unreported Collapse
Sovereign Nations

The media portrayal of Denmark as a country hostile and inhumane to migrants is misleading, if not completely false.

One reason for the…

EU: Telling Europeans What to Think
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The first European Media Literacy Week, an initiative of the European Union, will take place March 18-22 in various European cities….

Colorado Joins 11 States Agreeing to Shift to Popular Vote System
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Colorado has become the 12th state to pass a measure changing the way it awards its Electoral College votes in presidential elections to award the electoral votes to the winner of the…

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Sovereign Nations
Audio Apr 15, 2019

In days of old, a Cathedral represented the very center of faith, culture, and people of a nation.

I share my thoughts and reflections on the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral on a special episode of The Causes of Things.

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Can white people be saved?
Harrison / May 8
The prevailing ideology of Western society—modern liberalism—is incommensurable with evangelical Christianity.
Bradstreet / May 7
If the social media-driven cybermob continues to pull down everyone and everything that fails their ever-changing wokeness litmus test, "God Bless America" will soon become "God Help America."
/ May 3
The term ‘politically correct’ was coined in the late 1920s by the Soviets and their ideological allies around the world to describe why the views of certain of the party faithful needed correction to the party line.
/ May 2
Because political ideas are downstream from cultural ideas, including ideas of justice and fairness, the political struggle between left and right is at heart a struggle for our culture and the very language we use to talk about politics.
/ May 3
Smith College police chief Daniel Hect was put on administrative leave after becoming an object of campus hate. Chief Hect’s crime was ‘liking’ (not writing) tweets that fall outside of academia’s ever shrinking zone of toleration.
/ May 2
Imagine if the New York Times cartoon that depicted Israel’s Prime Minister as a dog had, instead, depicted the leader of another ethnic or gender group in a similar manner? If you think that is hard to imagine, you are absolutely right. It would be inconceivable for a Times editor to have allowed the portrayal of a Muslim leader as a dog; or the leader of any other ethnic or gender group in so dehumanizing a manner. What is
/ May 1


Defending The Nation
Sovereign Nations

For Yoram Hazony, governments are either nations or empires. This is a more superficial distinction than Aristotle’s, for whom a regime’s purpose is paramount, whether ruled by one, few,…

Making Hungary Great Again
Sovereign Nations

In the center of Europe, Hungary has been creating and enacting family-centered policies that promote marriage, childbirth and families with lots of children since 2010, the year Vik

Notre Dame Cathedral | The Causes Of Things Ep. 10
Sovereign Nations

In days of old, a Cathedral represented the very center of faith, culture, and people of a nation.

I share my thoughts and reflections on the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral on a special…

Out With The Old | The Causes Of Things Ep. 9
Sovereign Nations

In today’s ever-evolving, radical, and…


Why The West Must Safeguard Free Speech
Sovereign Nations

The freedom to express oneself without fear and the tolerance for opposing viewpoints are what binds otherwise diverse, democratic societies. In the United States, this freedom is 

Soros-Founded School Says Forced Out Of Hungary On ‘Dark Day For Europe’
Sovereign Nations

The Central European University, founded by billionaire George Soros, said on Monday it had been forced out of Hungary in “an arbitrary eviction” that violated academic freedom, and it confirmed plans to…

The Counterrevolution Against Globalism
Sovereign Nations

On August 19, 1991, the people of the Soviet Union awoke to music from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake playing on national television. Swan Lake would play continuously that day as the “hard line” State Emergency Committee staged…