We are being gradually transitioned from an analog, objective, real world and into a digital, radically subjective, hyperreal world which is transforming at an unprecedented pace. 

This transformation is not just happening around us in technologies and systems; it is also happening to us. This paradigm shifting transition is an attempt to bring about the end of human history and usher in the age of singularity: the age of therapeutic human cloning, stem cell therapies, synthetic organs, molecular nanotechnology, and the digital-cerebral interface (Kurzweil, The Transhuman Singularity). In fact, Kurzweil advocates a posthuman condition: the end of humanity’s reliance on our congenital bodies by transforming “our frail version 1.0 human bodies into their far more durable and capable version 2.0 counterparts”.

This “singularity” specifically refers to a specific time where the development of AGI (artificial general intelligence):  artificial intelligence with suprahuman-level abilities – which will be so advanced that it will irreversibly change human civilization.

In this lecture from the Sovereign Nations “Mere Simulacrity” conference that was held in Phoenix, AZ, Patrick Wood elucidates the struggle for not just preserving human autonomy and human liberty but also for preserving humanity itself. 

It is the technocrat’s vision of creating “new life” or of engineering life in a purposed, strategic, and  goal-oriented direction that leads inevitably to both creating “god” and creating a new, integrated, infused version of humanity 2.0 (and beyond). 

Wood traces the decades-long movement of transhumanism from international think tanks to eventual international collaboration as the pursuit to alchemically deliver the operational success of a transformed, obedient, interfaced humanity became an acceptable goal of the technocratic elite. 

The elites that guide our politics, our finances and our faith have determined that this is an inevitable pathway for mankind. In this lecture, Patrick Wood disagrees and proposes that the only way forward is by taking the moral high ground and encouraging men and women everywhere to gain knowledge, become informed and resist the movement to transform humanity.

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