While there are a number of reasons both historical and biblical to avoid and oppose the concept(s) of Christian Nationalism, there are a few underlying points that don’t seem to have garnered enough attention. The idea that America’s values and Constitution need to be uprooted and replaced with a new founding lies at the core of this movement. But in addition to this, many of the ideas put forth have distorted biblical concepts such as the great commission, submission to government and the usage of the Law. These distortions are necessary in order for Christian Nationalism to present itself with any sort of uniformity.

A movement that seeks to rule a nation needs a leader, and the main proponents of this new nation have suggested a “Christian Prince”, and no, they don’t mean the one who is currently ruling the Universe and died on the cross for your sins. This Christian Prince will hold the highest office in the land and will be the image of God on the earth. This figure is not only yet another vicar of Christ, but also suspiciously similar to the Messiah that first century Jews expected in contrast to Jesus of Nazareth.

Anyone who has not been deceived by a woke culture can see and understand that there certainly has been and is an ongoing attempt at a neo-Marxist revolution from within America’s institutions. But the proper response to an attempt at totalitarianism is not more totalitarianism, even if it’s (deceitfully) called Christian.

Nick Shalna
Nick Shalna is the host of The Universe Next Door, a podcast that seeks to answer your questions on the meaning of life, worldview, and the existence of God.

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    Jillayne Holter

    October 2nd, 2023

    Nick Shalna- Who specifically are you suggesting is this “Christian Prince”? My impression is you are referring to Donald J Trump, and you are suggesting that Trump supporters are “Christian Nationalists. Am I correct? I initially saw this “Sovereign Nations” site as something positive, because I support nations to be sovereign. I think looking at open borders and the European Union are a good example of the destruction and collapse of western sovereign nations, and its coming here to America. You need to be very clear who exactly you are referring to. Otherwise you are being dishonest by making these allegations covertly, you are creating confusion and fear. So please be honest and say what you mean.


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