In the founding of this nation, deists and Christians came together on one issue in particular: Religious faith is not an issue that the state has any business dictating. I believe that with all my heart. Let me tell you something else I believe – no man or prince or church or any form of centralized power has any business telling anyone what they can and can’t believe. Whether deists or Christians, the founders of this nation had the wisdom to put it in writing that the government had to steer clear of telling Christians and/or the church what they can or cannot do or what they can or cannot believe.

Unbelievably, there are now those who actually want to establish the United States as a Christian nation with power concentrated in one person. Are you kidding me? Never mind the logistical nightmare with a monster of that size; consider the history of such attempts. I am compelled to ask the Christian nationalists this question: Are you trying to run my life? If so, then back-off and stand down.

Dr. John Connell
John Connell is the Senior Pastor at Countryside Baptist Church, he earned his Doctorate of Theology from New Orleans Baptist Seminary.

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