In the previous years at Sovereign Nations, I have offered insights into what lies ahead for all of us, both in the United States and globally, as we progress towards 2030 along the path of dialectical changes. 

In early 2023, I provided a forecast for what we could anticipate in 2023, and now I am going to delve into it once more in a forecast of what you can expect in 2024. 

I have receipts. Unfortunately, I do not possess the ability to predict the future. However, I am well-informed about what will happen with some amount of detail. Although specific dates may be uncertain for many events, I can inform you that there will be an endeavor to significantly alter the world by 2025. Furthermore, by the time we reach 2030, there will be an attempt to initiate a “year-zero” scenario. This scenario involves a complete restructuring of not only our global economic system but also marks the beginning of a reset for humanity.

For approximately seven years now, my aim has been to educate and prepare individuals for the impending changes that lie ahead. This pursuit has come at great personal cost; however, it has also played a pivotal role in shaping history as we know it today. I firmly believe that if I had not started raising awareness and divulging the truth about what is truly happening in our world, its current state would have been drastically different.

I had to bear the burden of being labeled a conspiracy theorist, enduring accusations of dishonesty for simply explaining how critical theory and postmodernism had become infused into the Evangelical and Roman Catholic Church. When I began to identify specific individuals and institutions in 2017 and 2018, I was accused of “attacking Christians.” I also shed light on the activities of the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and Open Society Foundations to clarify what was truly happening – but few listened to what I was saying in regards to their influence. 

So let’s take a trip back to the years 2017 through 2023 and examine how accurately I predicted what would lay ahead as we approached what the Globalist cultists might refer to as “the beginning of the end of history.”


In 2017, I raised a warning about the significant ideological challenge our nation would face with the rise of Critical Race Theory. I predicted that this radical concept would permeate every aspect of our society. Additionally, I cautioned against efforts to divide our nation through Balkanization, where micro identity groups would be used as a means to create divisions among us.

One crucial concern I highlighted was the potential threat to cognitive liberty – the freedom of thought and expression. It was clear that preserving this liberty, even more so than freedom of speech, was essential for humanity.

I stressed the importance of taking proactive measures before those who seek to manipulate us could implement their planned reaction in response to their manufactured “problem.” By doing so, we could prevent falling into their long-planned “solution.”

Moreover, I warned about the intentional use of reflexivity – creating premeditated crisis moments that require immediate change. These moments are often fueled by fallacious arguments strategically employed by manipulators.

I also explained how NEOM and smart cities were positioned as technocratic solutions for controlling humans and inducing pseudo environmental panic.

Additionally, I shed light on Herbert Marcuse’s concept of repressive tolerance underlying what is commonly referred to as “cancel culture.”


In 2018, I provided an explanation regarding the main puppet masters who were attempting to manipulate humanity: Open Society Foundations, The World Economic Forum, The United Nations, Chinese Communist Party, and the subtle but ongoing influence of the Fabian Society. 

I highlighted that postmodernism and critical theory were being utilized within the evangelical church to fundamentally alter Christianity itself. Additionally, I emphasized that all of these efforts were aimed at creating a utopian society unified by the common goal of social justice. 

Furthermore, I cautioned against a government-corporate-faith model called integralism which closely resembled National Socialism and Mussolini’s fascist regime in Italy. Much of this could be seen through the attempt to embrace the concepts put forward in the “Bibles, Badges and Business” movement that was a synthesis of religious leaders, law enforcement (or lack thereof) and corporations associated with the World Economic Forum. 

Unfortunately, only a few paid heed to my warning about the ongoing attempt to “reset” our world and transition mankind. 


In 2019, I discussed the ongoing cultural revolution in the Western world, drawing parallels to China’s cultural revolution but noting that it was even more extensive. I provided a detailed explanation of how this revolution was being orchestrated from various levels – top down, bottom up, inside out – and expressed concern that only a few people could grasp the carefully crafted environment aimed at resetting our world.

Furthermore, I explained that wokeism resembled Augustine’s teachings while incorporating elements of Gnosticism and Hermeticism. I warned that everything in our current reality was in fact fake: a phony representation of the real – and if we didn’t defeat this reflexive wheel of fertile fallacies that we would lose our civilization. If we failed to combat this cycle of false narratives effectively, our civilization would be at risk.

I explained that there was an attempt to “reset” our civilization to prepare us for a very different metasystem and that this would be arriving through heavy-handed authoritarianism and through “public health.”

Repeatedly emphasizing my point, I highlighted how we were shifting away from a physical and analog world towards an artificial and digital future.


In early 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I predicted that the cases of the virus in China would soon increase rapidly in the United States. This was not because the virus was new to America, but rather because we would start testing for it. I also mentioned that the virus had already been present in the United States since mid-2019.

I explained that lockdowns were implemented as an effort to transform our systems in America – a Great Reset involving our economy, mobility, and social contract.

Furthermore, I discussed how interests from the Chinese Communist Party had influenced our public health systems and created a postmodern alchemical system instead of one based on scientific methods.

I also pointed out that defunding the police aimed to create chaos so that new policing methods utilizing algorithmic controls and predictive policing could be implemented.

Moreover, I highlighted how Critical Race Theory and intersectionality were being promoted to establish a new framework for income redistribution across our nation.

I warned about “Health Equity” taking over our healthcare system and replacing triage with a Marxian system of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Additionally, I explained that favoring China in this new era was a result of propagating false concepts like Thucydides Trap that the majority of our State Department and Defense Department had already accepted as fact. 

Finally, I cautioned that President Trump would not be permitted to win the 2020 election regardless of his legal votes. It was indeed a year marked by significant changes – The Great Reset.


In 2021, I emphasized the ongoing religious transformation of our society. Alongside James Lindsay, we aimed to explain the utilization of the Motte & Bailey tactic by those seeking to disrupt and dismantle civilization. 

We cautioned against the growing focus on “Climate Justice” and the implementation of environmental justice measures. 

Furthermore, I highlighted that vaccination programs were being treated like religious sacraments. Additionally, I warned about the impending shift from traditional monetary instruments to digital currencies that could be easily manipulated and controlled. 

It was clear to me that the actions taken by the Biden Administration were not motivated by national success but instead intended to disrupt and dismantle our nation. Moreover, I raised concerns about BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street, and other ETFs attempting to exert forced control over our economic models in order to transform them.


In early 2022, I conveyed the message that we were undergoing a complete demolition before being reconstructed in accordance with the future envisioned by the World Economic Forum. 

I cautioned about the deliberate dismantling of the auto industry, with the intention of restricting freedom of movement and impeding unrestricted mobility. Furthermore, I emphasized that the travel industry was deliberately being disrupted. 

Additionally, I warned about the systematic dismantling of our food industry to undermine our abundance-based economy and force mankind into an economy marked by scarcity. 

I tried to remind everyone that CRT (Critical Race Theory) and intersectionality were infused into our society with the ulterior motive of employing identity politics to sow division within our nation through a strategy of divide and conquer.


In January of 2023, I forecasted the following 

The global push for Central Bank Digital Currencies is gradually progressing towards widespread acceptance, both at national and global levels. It’s important to pay attention to this development. This took a significant step towards becoming reality on a date that holds significance – the Ides of March in the past year. Beware the Ides of March.

There will be another attempt at creating a fabricated health crisis – and they certainly tried, particularly around July and August of last year. They intensified their efforts to instill fear. 

The anger from those who have been vaccinated will exponentially increase as reports of health issues and deaths rise, along with the realization that the vaccines did little to prevent them from contracting Covid-19. They were deceived with lies. I warned you about this, and it will only get worse.

The revelations regarding vaccinations will have a serious impact on President Donald Trump’s campaign: rumblings have already begun but haven’t reached a boiling point yet. However, there is no doubt that it will become a major point of contention in 2024. As I predicted last year, I tried to warn Trump through his staff in 2020 but they ignored my advice.

Chaos and division within the Republican Party are inevitable as some members will try to break away from the establishment party.

Efforts to promote “15 minute cities” along with C40 cities across Western countries have been successful – this prediction hit close to home indeed! Still doubting me on this one?

We are witnessing the beginning of an end for gasoline-powered cars as they cease production and electric vehicles become too costly for average individuals.

The travel industry’s Golden Age is being disrupted and dismantled – people are now being discouraged from taking vacations while hyperreal or virtual travel experiences are being developed. When I made this prediction last year, I was labeled as a conspiracy theorist.

“Mike, no one will tell people to stop traveling after Covid.” Oh, how wrong they were. Articles from various publications such as the Atlantic, New Yorker, and Afar are now urging us to reconsider travel and shaming those who have traveled extensively in the past.

China’s dominance across the world is growing with the implementation of their One Belt One Road initiative. The Global South is becoming a place for wealth growth under authoritarian guidance.

There is an increasing call for Balkanization in Western nations – not only in the US but also in other countries. We can observe this call from individuals like Andrew Torba and organizations like New Founding, among others.

Conservative Reformed Evangelical Parachurch ministries and organizations will blame “liberalism” for our nation’s current state instead of acknowledging their own decade-long efforts to deconstruct Christianity in favor of a Marxist substitute called “social justice”. This has led to the rise of the postliberal movement that blames Lockean liberal ideas of tolerance, individual sovereignty, and autonomous evil. Their solution has been authoritarianism – specifically through a Franco-like figure.

The rise of Christian Nationalism in its various forms (which aligns with integralism) coincides with an increase in traditional Catholic political theology that desires an Unbound Executive, a Franco-like leader, and a Monarchial Episcopate. Simultaneously, a dumbed-down version of this seditious movement is being perpetuated through the MAGA movement by figures like General Mike Flynn and surprisingly even Roger Stone.

Cognitive liberty will be compromised through invasive cerebral instruments – although still under development; Elon Musk’s Neuralink has received approval for human trials – but this is just scratching the surface.

Wars and rumors of wars will persist beyond Ukraine: indeed they have continued. Furthermore, conflicts have now surfaced between Israel and Gaza with significant investments pouring into that conflict zone.

Western economies are transitioning from abundance to scarcity, as evident in the move towards a circular economy. More on this topic will be discussed later.

The concept of “Health Equity” is rising in prominence, and what was once hidden in the shadows is now making a public debut in California with the extension of healthcare to all individuals, including undocumented immigrants.

Artificial Intelligence will make significant advancements that will intrusively affect our lives.

I believe each of these forecasts were accurate with a few still in the “telescoping” phase of eventual fruition, namely, the effect of his support and promotion of the vaccine. I believe that this issue will be in play with the possibility of RFK Jr becoming a stronger force as an independent in the presidential race. 

Once again, I must caution that the Global Puppet Masters will employ a strategy similar to the Motte and Bailey in their actions.​​ They will exert significant pressure when faced with minimal resistance, as seen in recent attempts to initiate a transition into a circular economy for the Western world. However, they will slow down their efforts if they perceive strong opposition from the public. To impede their progress effectively, it is crucial to preemptively disclose their intentions beforehand, disrupting their plans and revealing any Federal actors within conservative circles.


  1. There is a high probability of a compromise in our digital infrastructure concerning privacy, purchasing, and critical information, which poses a significant threat. This is reinforced by the fact that 14 years ago, when predicting a future public health crisis, a cyberattack was already projected as part of a phase two. Moreover, there is an excessive amount of predictive programming being disseminated through various channels such as social media platforms, Netflix, and the World Economic Forum.
  2. Law enforcement will face ongoing challenges, with laws continuing to be neglected in major cities and at the border. This disregard for law enforcement will ultimately result in a demand for a reformation of policing methods, often referred to as Policing 3.0. In 2020, I extensively discussed this issue on my podcast “The Causes of Things”. Today, more individuals are starting to recognize the previously unimaginable circumstances that are unfolding before us.
  3. Operation “Rehabilitate the Woke Theologians and Church Leaders” is about to intensify. For the past 8 years, I have been revealing how various major church leaders and institutions, such as Ligon Duncan, Tim Keller, Russell Moore, Ed Stetzer, Albert Mohler, John Piper, DA Carson, The Gospel Coalition, Campus Crusade for Christ, Moody Bible Institute, Dallas Theological Seminary, Reformed Theological Seminary, The Southern Baptist Convention , The Presbyterian Church in America , Calvary Chapel , The Assemblies of God , and The Vineyard Church movement have all actively embraced the integration of critical consciousness into Christianity. These men will now be rehabilitated, without any repentance, and returned to platforms as if the attempt to “Marxify” Christianity never happened.
  4. The Christian Nationalists are set to remove their masks and unveil their true intentions of Balkanizing the United States. Their agenda includes proposing an end or modification of the First Amendment, as well as repealing the 19th Amendment. These actions indicate that their movement aims to fracture and divide the nation, rather than reclaim it. They will also persist in advocating for an American Franco, a Red Caesar, or a Red Napoleon, which are all unconstitutional, in order to gradually increase public acceptance of an unrestrained executive power and a so-called “new founding” of the United States.
  5. An all-encompassing effort to transform our economic structure is imminent from various angles. This shift will occur on multiple levels, transitioning us from an economy of abundance and excess to one of scarcity and limited resources. The aim is to move towards distributism or stakeholder capitalism, which diverges from free market capitalism by implementing a method of totalitarian distributism that eliminates the free market aspect.It is crucial for you to be aware of these developments, particularly the attempt to legitimize Natural Asset Companies, which will usher in what has long been referred to as the “New Nature Economy.” Consequently, this will fundamentally alter our individual autonomy and ability to exercise personal sovereignty. We will all become dependent on collective support. These progressive ideas originated long ago through concepts introduced by the Club of Rome and Limits to Growth. They have since evolved through events like the United Nations RIO Summit in 1992, the Kyoto Protocols, the adoption of 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations and The World Economic Forum, as well as initiatives like the Paris Accords and Beyond Growth Summit held at EU in 2022. These efforts call for a shift from meritocracy towards an environmentally-based economic system.The underlying motive for all these changes is Degrowth – essentially causing Western countries and their Free Market Capitalist system to self-destruct while allowing explosive growth in Eastern countries through systems like BRICS.
  6. The growth of China’s Belt and Road Initiative network of nations, along with the replacement of the US Dollar with the BRICS system, signals a shift in global dynamics. As the United States and the West face economic and civilizational challenges, China and the Belt and Road Initiative nations are poised to rise with a new currency primarily pegged to the Yuan and other assets.Unfortunately, due to the Biden Administration’s spending bills that continuously devalue the dollar in pursuit of an unattainable Utopia, the US Dollar is expected to decline. This will further empower China, as they dominate in manufacturing, distribution, military strength, and data capture through their asset-backed digital currency.As BRICS becomes the new standard for international transactions, it will result in a departure from Free Market Capitalism – shifting away from the advantages previously enjoyed by the US under Bretton Woods agreements.
  7. The Balkanization of the United States of America through the Big Sort

    There are two types of postliberals:

    1. The postmodern, neo-marxist leftists who identify as woke progressives, such as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and members of the current Democratic Party.
    2. The integralist, neo-fascist individuals who indulge in traditional fantasy role-playing and can often be heard screaming “Deus Volt” from the 13th century.Although I have already discussed this issue extensively on my previous podcast (which I highly recommend you listen to), I will briefly touch upon it here.This phenomenon goes beyond just Christian Nationalism; it also involves the adoption and adaptation of Catholic Political philosophy known as integralism to suit Protestant beliefs.Both traditional Catholics and their Reformed Brethren (Brothers in the Revolution) passionately advocate for rabid Christian Nationalism (which is realized as a sort of “ecumenical integralism”).However, at its core, this is a matter of radicalization and polarization. The aim is to push affinity groups towards extreme positions in order to create heightened polarization and conflict.
  8. The ongoing reflexive campaign that is promoting a fantasy version of Franco by people associated with New Founding, as well as individuals like Jack Posobeic, confidence man Charles Haywood, and Auron McIntyre, will eventually result in a demand for an unrestricted executive power. This aligns with one of the key principles advocated by Carl Schmitt, a jurist associated with the Nazi regime in the Third Reich. Schmitt believed that an unbound executive was crucial for establishing a functioning autocratic government – be it under the model of National Socialism, Fascism, or integralism.These men will tell Donald Trump how pretty he is every day, aiming to persuade him to lead with the same authority as a Red Caesar or a Red Napoleon.
  9. There are two potential scenarios regarding Donald Trump’s future: he may either face defeat through prosecution and blatant voter fraud, or he will win and will be encouraged to divide the nation and act as a dictator. If Trump does win, it is likely that he will further contribute to the division between red and blue states – which is a goal of the progressive left as well. The progressive left must consider which of these two situations will better facilitate their goal of perpetuating intense ideological conflict and national division.
  10. The Democrats will adopt a narrative and language that positions them as champions of the constitution and the republic. On the other hand, influenced by Schmittians and Straussians, the Republicans will discuss seizing power and abolishing fundamental rights such as the 1st amendment and 19th amendment. Additionally, like the Democrats, they too will broach amending your inalienable rights. All of this unfolds amidst the continuing chaos of 2024.
  11. Our situation in America will bear a striking resemblance to that of Weimar, Germany in the 1920s. It could be aptly dubbed “Weimerica.” In this environment, the seeds of potential genocide are being nurtured. You will witness a transformation, as individuals who once preached Christianity and the Gospel of Grace gradually encouraged to become genocidal murderers. This will occur through a gradual pull towards radicalization and dehumanization, taking one tiny step at a time.
  12. America and the West will experience a recession, while the East will strive to detach itself from the problems of the West and flourish autonomously. The job market in the United States, including white-collar positions, will soon be affected by the upcoming wave of Artificial Intelligence. Consequently, human beings will gradually come to realize that they are now obsolete.
  13. The rise of the Creative Class, who will be heavily reliant on Tech Giants and Social Media, will soon commence. As a result, the complete disregard for reality will intensify greatly. A nation that is already captivated by digital devices will find themselves immersed in a hyperreal realm, leaving the real world to be managed by experts. This digital meta world will serve as a coping mechanism for the turmoil present in the actual world.
  14. As military tensions and potential actions with China increase, the pharmaceutical industry will pose a significant challenge. Moreover, our nation is already grappling with the task of providing healthcare to millions of newly arrived illegal migrants, which adds further strain to our system. This will result in the breakdown of our healthcare system and the answer will be the Marxist concept of health equity.
  15. Travel will face additional challenges due to the restriction on visitors in numerous cities worldwide, coupled with carbon limitations imposed by both governments and travel companies. The flow of conference and expo attendees will be affected, leading airlines to reduce regional flights. Additionally, car rental agencies will implement fleet size restrictions.Furthermore, the travel industry as a whole will intentionally downsize operations in response to these invented circumstances. This anticipated decline in services is expected to provoke a massive backlash from travelers, with me at the forefront of this resistance.
  16. Cash will increasingly be declined at businesses throughout the United States and Europe. Digital currency will be favored, particularly Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), which aligns with the environmental aspects of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). However, it is important to note that CBDCs are not true currencies; instead, they are digital coupons. As time goes on, people will gradually come to realize this distinction.
  17. Wars and rumors of wars will escalate to a new level by 2024. However, in each occurrence, the US forces will demonstrate their incompetence in effectively conducting warfare. Additionally, these instances will serve as yet another opportunity for Congress to allocate billions of dollars more towards military expenditures, all while our U.S. dollar continues to depreciate.
  18. Artificial Intelligence is set to make significant advancements in the fourth quarter of 2024, as the year 2025 approaches rapidly. This period marks a pivotal moment for the global community, particularly for those who embrace differing forms of Freemasonry and Theosophy. They perceive it as the emergence of a new messiah-like figure—being hailed as the next Christ—who reflects our own likeness and possesses boundless knowledge, omnipresence, and omniscience. This god made of human hands will surpass even the most intelligent human minds, equipped to tackle any challenging tasks or decisions faced by individuals or governments.
  19. The concept of Global Citizenship will gain momentum in Western countries, while it will not gain as much traction in the East. The understanding that Westphalian Sovereignty, which promotes individual nationhood and independence, will be rejected. 

I want to emphasize the importance of preventing these issues or forecasts from becoming major problems. The key is to proactively address each and every one of these issues beforehand.

We need to be vigilant: we are the ones capable of detecting and intercepting each incoming threat before it causes harm. Our goal is to eliminate these threats entirely.

For the past 8 years, I have been advocating for what I am about to discuss publicly once again. We must prioritize the defense and protection of the United States Constitution and the Republic it represents.

There is simply no other option.

Neither a Franco nor a Mao can be allowed to undermine our values.

We cannot tolerate an unbound executive from either side.

Our allegiance must be dedicated solely to the constitution of the United States of America and republic by which it stands.

We stand as one nation, united under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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Michael O'Fallon
Michael O’Fallon is the Founder of Sovereign Nations, a media site dedicated to the preservation of national sovereignty.

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    Lucy Roberts

    January 4th, 2024

    Maybe you haven’t noticed, but the constitution is no longer followed and hasn’t been followed for a long time. We no longer have a civic society that supports it. There is the Spirit and the Letter of the law. We have lost the spirit of the law.

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    January 4th, 2024

    Michael is spot on.
    I noticed this got pulled from YouTube.
    How on earth do you fight something as huge as this?


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