If you want to impose a totalitarian system, you have a problem on your hands: reality. The real is in your way and will eventually veto your project. Far sooner, people who can perceive reality will step in and prevent you from taking society over a cliff. Therefore, the only way to install a totalitarian system is to negate the real in the minds of those over whom you would rule. This is accomplished by creating an interpretive frame that deliberately causes people to misunderstand reality, sometimes called a “second reality” or “pseudoreality,” or even a “hyperreality,” which loses all contact with reality through its images and constructions. The totalitarian system “works” and would only work in that false image of reality. In his first talk at the Mere Simulacrity conference in Phoenix, Arizona, in December 2022, Dr. James Lindsay presents the idea and mechanism of negating the real to replace it with a hyperreal simulation in which totalitarianism can be accomplished. This, he argues, enables the installation of the Esoteric cult religion needed to advance the tyranny. Join him to understand how the Secret Religions of the West have slowly brought us to the brink of this disaster.

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    January 31st, 2023

    Why does he attack hermetic philosophy and leave kabbalah and Freemasonry alone? Those are the problem, alchemy came from Daoists in China and it was always just a cover for writing about drug-based mystical experience. I was catapulted into that realm by extensive exposure to psychedelics when I was younger. James talks as if he has not done that tour yet, and seems to believe he’s some kind of authority. There is almost a panicked tone to this talk. With a name like Lindsay, an old peerage name, I imagine his family roots go pretty far back and he would have known about this stuff, at least tangentially, for most of his adult life.

    I became interested in the Shakespeare authorship controversy after reading Richard III and Richard II consecutively in college, I thought the quality of writing was so uneven as to suggest multiple authors. Parts of Richard II seemed too clumsy to have been written by the poet of Richard III and Hamlet. I became interested in Francis Bacon, and he has been my main research interest for twenty years, I’ve edited a book and authored one, and another is in the works. It turns out Bacon, in addition to authoring the Shakespeare works, also wrote a lot else besides, and invented binary code in his teens. He was also the main architect of the Scientific Revolution, in terms of scientific method and modern, state-funded, permanent institutional science. He was born of a “virgin” queen Elizabeth I, and his biography conforms to the Rank-Raglan heroic archetype pattern remarkably well. He wrote a lot of mystical alchemy or hermetic texts under various pseudonyms. I don’t pretend to have the last word on the subject, but Bacon was God incarnate, and he knew it and even said so. There is no need for other philosophers, everything since the Presocratics could be profitably exchanged for Bacon alone (including his pseudonymous works). And the name Shakespeare should be enough to permanently destroy the universities, it’s been said a PhD in the humanities is a sign of incompetence, we could add dishonesty as well. https://www.ryanmurtha.net/writings.html

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      Big Lebouski

      February 6th, 2023

      Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.” “Sooner or later you are going to have to face the fact that you’re a moron.

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      February 9th, 2023

      If Bacon was God incarnate, then why did he choose such a silly name? I have it on good authority that the current incarnation of the hermetic Supreme Being is called ‘Captain Crunch’ and he wrote all the screenplays for the Die Hard movies!

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      February 24th, 2023

      Nothing! you have learned. 2 paragraphs of Me,me,me…………you are a Meme of
      the lecture. LMAO!

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    February 23rd, 2023

    “Lucifer was the first and the Highest” O.k. i’m out… I know your boss. Just a human..


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