There’s rioting in the streets, illegals pouring across our border, mutilation of our children, the murder of the unborn, corruption in our politics and elections, and globalist leaders enacting perverse agendas to create an apocalyptic utopia.

What are Christians to do in the face of such dire circumstances?

Today many people are turning to Christian nationalism for hope and an attempt at answers to the societal decay we see all around us.

Before we can examine the false hope of Christian Nationalism, we need to first consider the discrepancies over definitions. There are many different views, all claiming the title.

The second point to consider is the theology of the movement. Though it is diverse, one point in common across the movement’s branches is that Christian Nationalism is a theology of glory, rather than a theology of the cross.

“At its core, Christian Nationalism can justifiably be called a ‘theology of glory’ that seeks to build the Kingdom of God on the earth without necessarily requiring gospel preaching or conversion. Its central focus is morality, politics & power. None of which are actually overtly Christian.” -Andy Woodard

In this talk we consider a few biblical passages which offer both examples of a theology of glory and a theology of the cross and conclude with the following points of application.

1. Recognize that it’s not too late to repent. Hebrews 3:13
2. Acknowledge the sovereignty of God. Daniel 2:21
3. Put NO confidence in princes. Psalm 146:3
4. Do not despise the little things. 1 Samuel 14:6
5. Boldly, Clearly speak the truth. 2 Corinthians 4:2
6. Trust wholly in the Lord our God. Psalm 20:7
7. Confront evil in the camp when necessary. 1 Corinthians 5:12

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