In today’s complex and deceptive American landscape, information and knowledge hold immense influence over the choices we make as individuals and as a society. However, not all information that is presented to the public is reliable or comprehensive. One concept that unveils this phenomenon is known as a “limited hangout.” This term, coined by former CIA officer Victor Marchetti, describes a strategy utilized by governments, intelligence agencies, or organizations to disseminate selective or manipulated information in order to divert attention away from more damaging revelations.

A limited hangout can manifest in various ways, with its primary goal being the manipulation of public perception while creating an artificial sense of transparency. The orchestrators of a limited hangout strategically disclose only a portion of sensitive or incriminating information concerning a particular event or issue. This diversionary tactic aims to divert attention from deeper truths and enable control over the narrative. Consequently, this technique effectively obscures reality and facilitates manipulation.

One classic example of a limited hangout can be seen in government investigations into controversial events such as political scandals or high-profile crimes. In some cases, authorities may selectively release certain documents or evidence while withholding others that could expose deeper levels of corruption or wrongdoings. By providing just enough information for plausible deniability while distorting the overall picture, those involved in limited hangouts can protect their interests and manipulate public opinion.

Examples of limited hangouts in modern times include the revelation of Jeffrey Epstein’s client lists, the hypothesis about a lab leak causing COVID-19, and the infamous Twitter files that exposed interference by the FBI and other government agencies in relation to stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop during the 2020 Presidential election. 

Unfortunately, no one involved in these crimes or controversies has faced punishment or been convicted for their actions against minors, which is considered one of the most abhorrent crimes against humanity. Additionally, there has been no accountability for violating the first amendment rights of millions of Americans.

The intelligence agencies merely provide insufficient information to divert public attention and hope that these stories will eventually fade away. Meanwhile, those responsible for committing heinous crimes go unpunished and unaccountable.

In today’s podcast, Michael O’Fallon explores the reasons behind the utilization of limited hangouts and its implications for a distressed U.S. population amidst the tumultuous year of 2024.

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