I started my presentation by showing that objective truth exists and it is a biblical concept, which demonstrates that all worldviews that deny the existence of objective truth are automatically false. Then, I presented Christianity as the true story of reality because it matches reality, is internally consistent, and is based on a reliable authority, namely, the resurrected Jesus of Nazareth who is the truth (John 14:6) and who’s teachings are based on the Word of truth, the Bible (John 17:17).  From there, I presented what the Bible says about false teaching and showed how in the New Testament false teaching is always an attempt to counterfeit the real thing.  Then, I showed the 5-step process for how false teaching sought to embed itself in the early church with Gnosticism (e.g., Colossians and 1 John) and the Judaizers (e.g., Galatians).  I concluded the message with a 5 point challenge for how Christians must respond to the false teaching that is seeking to infiltrate their lives today.

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Dr. Jon Benzinger
Dr. Jon Benzinger is the Lead Pastor of Redeemer Bible Church, President of the Redeemer Center for Church Leadership, Host of the Redeeming Truth Podcast, Founder of HelpingPastors.org, a consultant with HardwiredCoaching.com, and the author of Stand: Christianity vs Social Justice.

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