Many men and women around the world are becoming familiar with the schemes and strategies of the World Economic Forum to disrupt and dismantle our current systems and ways of life and replace them with the enviro–communo-fascist concepts of Klaus Schwab and the world’s Theosophically-minded elites.

And while the function of the World Economic Forum’s modus operandi is properly described as a two-legged stool: a public-private partnership that is attempting to leverage the corporate and financial giants of the world with the governmental leaders of their own making to usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

But a two-legged stool cannot stand on its own. A two-legged stool will ultimately fall.

To properly support the weight of complete societal and systemic change, faith must be introduced as the third leg of the completed World Economic Forum stool. And so, faith leaders of the world have been incentivized to participate in helping to create a critical consciousness within the minds of their faithful flocks.

Roman Catholic Integralists have led the way to creating the three-part faith-infused process of governance in the 20th and 21st centuries. Dom Helder Camara, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Recife, Brazil introduced the mechanisms of integralism in the early 1970s and as well influenced the Catholic Church’s current Pontifex Maximus, Pope Francis. This “Catholic-Fascistic-Totalitarianism” has manifested itself in movements that have taken the Protestant Church by storm over the last year.

From Rick Warren to Richard Land to Pope Francis, thousands of faith leaders have capitulated to the seemingly inevitable dialectical spiral into digital totalitarianism and Hermetic/Gnostic dreams of Alice Bailey and the Theosophists.

Join Sovereign Nations founder Michael O’Fallon as he examines the “Third Leg of the Stool.”

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