Thursday, June 23rd, 2016, served as a bugle call for those that have longed for a reverse in sovereignty-crushing globalist policies embraced by voters in nations that value the protection of culture, heritage, and the right of self-government.

The reaction to the was both swift and predictable from the liberal media and from Open Societies embracing nations across the Western Hemisphere. CNN, The Guardian, the BBC and others rushed to condemn the “populist nationalist” nature of the victory for U.K. independence. The European Union groaned under the possibility of losing the massive injection of capital provided by the U.K. Even more troubling, for those committed to civilizational change, was the prospect of Brexit creating a full push-back against mass Islamic immigration and an end to the dreams of an “Open Society.”

Not to be deterred, Mr. George Soros and his armies of NGOs and foundations set to work to either slow Brexit to a crawl (and hence remove the momentum of the decision) or reverse the possibility of a clean, thorough Brexit happening altogether.

Mr. Soros recently stated to the Express UK:

“The divorce process would take at least five years to complete, and during that time new elections would take place.

“If all went well, the two parties may want to remarry even before they have divorced.”

So now all across Britain armies of professionally printed sign bearing, well organized, perfectly synchronized chanting young people are clogging streets, harassing politicians, and making anyone’s life miserable that doesn’t agree with their radical progressive opinions.

As Mr. Soros is the “Oracle” of all predictions, at least as understood by the British media, the BBC, the Guardian, and others are now widely predicting a Brexit reverse.

As the media ramps up their non-stop barrage of “Brexit-reverse” one has to wonder if the British people will stand again for sovereignty, demand sovereignty with a precise deadline *or* surrender reflexively to the self-fulfilling prophecy of the doom of Brexit.

A man who has courageously stood strong against the Soros propaganda machine is Hungary’s Victor Orban. Let’s hope that others will join Nigel Farage in praising Mr. Orban in response to Mr. Soros’ meddling with his national sovereignty and as well will take every means necessary to protect the Shire.

Michael O'Fallon
Michael O’Fallon is the Founder of Sovereign Nations, a media site dedicated to the preservation of national sovereignty.

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