Most of us have had the experience of attempting to convince someone who is blissfully unconvinced that we are in the midst of a “great reset” of our nation and civilization. No matter how many relevant, truthful, concrete examples you provide, they just can’t be convinced that our nation is being ripped from its constitutional foundations.

What your mentally sleeping friend is experiencing are the results of gradualism: the slow, progressive, step-by-step processes that lead to an inevitable evolution of Marxism without the sudden, bloody revolution. It is likely that your friend will not be convinced until they are literally held at gunpoint to surrender their home and automobile.

This process of “gradualism” is what was favored by the British Fabians: British Marxists who were convinced that the process of evolutionary inevitability was a better process than immediate revolution. And in this decade-by-decade creation of a “new normal” for each new generation, the process of cultural and civilizational change has been rapidly increasing.

On this episode of Public Occurrences, Michael O’Fallon explains this process and how it is favored in western nations.

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