The Theology of Marxism videos from Sovereign Nations’s groundbreaking conference have started to roll out over social media over the past week. Michael O’Fallon and Dr. James Lindsay provided an in-depth examination of Marxism and its varied denominational cults as it has ravaged faith communities around the world. 

Firstly, it is important to understand that Marxism is a religion: it doesn’t just behave like a religion – it is a religion. Understanding the theological nature of Marxism will, in turn, shed considerable light on the theological nature of the religious structure of Wokeness.

If you read Marx’s writings before the Communist Manifesto, it’s clear that Marx wasn’t outlining a political and social theory: Marx was outlining a theology. 

Within his systematic understanding of Marxism, Karl Marx had a definitive theory of mankind and human nature. 

Marx as well had a theory of “salvation” or what you would call a soteriology in religious circles.

Marx very clearly stated that we’re going to do the work, that we’re going to become socialist man, and then we will collectively reachieve the Garden of Eden. 

Communist man will have the Kingdom of God brought back here to earth, as a theory of salvation built in a soteriology. 

Marxism is also orientated towards an eschatology within Marx’s understanding of an end of time, and to arrive at this end of time the revolution takes the place of the rapture. 

But on the way to this utopian end times, the socialism that follows the revolution isn’t going to see everything worked out – yet – and that is the vision of Marx’s tribulation. 

For Marx, in the end, the Kingdom of God will be reestablished on earth when we have communism. And now everything that must take place to establish socialism in 2030 must then focus on achieving pure communism by 2050. 

So For Marx, history had a teleology, a purpose, a trajectory, and an endpoint, which is why the utopian vision of Klaus Schwab’s “The Great Reset” is that we’re all going to become socialists who are imputed with a hive mind – a sort of “imputation of the Holy Spirit” that will guide our thoughts and actions. 

The end result of this eschatologically fulfilling Marxist end times is not the collectivism that has been experienced in communist regimes in year’s past: the end result is total totalitarianism. 

Thus, at the end of Marxian religious history, social relations become stateless and classless. They cease to be rooted in domination and oppression, and we enter into the garden. 

This is a faith. A deadly, humanity destroying, liberty crushing faith. 

And we cannot allow the continuance of this Marxian Jihad to continue to engulf our nations, our economic systems, our societies and our faith.

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