What does it take to finally convince someone to embrace what should be plainly evident to everyone?

Would it take a realization that the healthcare industry as a whole has transitioned from being concerned about healthcare and more concerned with leading the nation into a system of “health equity?”

Would it take a realization that every single one of the major automobile manufacturers have colluded with the World Economic Forum, the UN and the financial overlords of BlackRock and Vanguard to transition their entire fleets into electric in the short term while in the long terms eliminating the possibility of private car ownership?

Would it take the realization that the entirety of the education system is marching lock-step into radical subjectivism in every subject being offered at their institutions – being less concerned about the field of study and more concerned with helping to infuse social justice into every subject?

Would it take the realization that our entire financial system is being railroaded into a fascistically controlled algorithmic socialism? And when thinking of this horrible possibility you are forced to think of “National Socialism?”

Would it take a realization that the major faiths of this nation from Evangelical Christianity, Catholicism, Mormonism, Islam, Buddhism and even the New Atheist Movement would all together weave the Gnostic concepts of Marx and Gramsci into their belief systems?

Would it take a realization that our world’s food supply is being purposely diminished for the purposes of pushing all of us into a global Holodomor?

What would it take?

In every situation, it would take the strength and will of men and women everywhere to abandon all that they thought to be true, all that they thought to be “the way things are” and to embrace…

…the unthinkable.

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