The key term to understand any developments in politics, religion, financial markets, or social sciences today is the loaded power word, reflexivity.

In simple terms, reflexivity can be simply understood as a “self-fulfilling prophecy” or as an outcome that can be determined or assured due to overwhelming propaganda.

In other words, if you are one of the elite masters of the universe and since all truth claims are subjectively suspect to fallibility; you can make up your own truth claim up and can create your own version of the future – since you are brilliant, one of the powerful elite, and know what’s best for everyone else, implant the fertile fallacy, a fat lie that demands action, into a continuous feedback loop. Then shout that fallacy far and wide from the mountaintops. Use every available media outlet: TV, radio, social media, and, specifically in the United States, the church in order to fertilize your fertile fallacy, make it the center of all conversation – create a crisis and insist that everyone else answer to your fallacious creation.

In the end, the reflexive action that is created is never with the intent of solving the fertile fallacy – in the end it is meant to move the needle further to accomplishing your greater goals: the deconstruction of western civilization and the creation of an “open society.”

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Michael O'Fallon
Michael O’Fallon is the Founder of Sovereign Nations, a media site dedicated to the preservation of national sovereignty.

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