We are being transitioned from an analogue, objective, capitalistic, merit-based system into a digital, subjective, Marxist, intersectional system.

To further this transition, the old systems, the old governance, and the old nation must be disrupted and dismantled while the new world’s systems, the new world governance, and the “Intersectional States of America” are instituted.

The old must be disrupted, and the best way to disrupt old systems is an embargo.

After Wally Adeyemo, the NigerianAmerican government official serving as the United States Deputy Secretary of the Treasury stated recently that the disastrous economic conditions were a result of “an economy that’s in transition,” it is obvious that the Biden Administration has decided to impose an aggressive punitive measure against the “old” United States to ensure that the “new” Intersectional Nation-States can successfully “transition”:

An embargo.

An embargo by the U.S. against the U.S. purposed to disrupt and dismantle what is left of the United States as we are “transitioned” into the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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