Bernie Sanders' paradise

How does it feel?

No, I am not asking about your health. I am asking about your humiliation. Let me explain. This morning my wife and I rose up at 5:30am just to go and stand in the “senior” line at the grocery store. When we entered the store the line moved directly to the back where the toilet paper and paper towels are. It truly saddened me to see the drone like appearance of humiliation on the faces of everyone there. Yes they were polite and everyone took their turn, but it was like shopping with zombies who were there to get stock before the young ones take it all. I call this “Bernie Sanders’ paradise” because this is what that world looks like and what this country will look like if we continue giving these people power.

While we are all trying to navigate a society in a state of emergency we need to learn from this experience because this is what the world SHOULD look like ALL OF THE TIME in the minds of these people. THIS is what the world looks like when “everyone is the same.” Of course, people aren’t the same in socialism and never will be. It’s just a tool that they use in their never-ending quest to RULE OVER US and that is why socialism must always lead to communism.

All of the above needs to stay with us as we consider what comes below.

We as a people so often take the power of our vote for granted. A case in point; during the last election I repeatedly appealed to Christians who were considering voting for Kyrsten Sinema (Senator D-AZ). My case was “who will rule over us?” While I have to admit that she has pivoted somewhat away from her radical past, I must also affirm that she is still a part of a voting block that wants to rule over us because, in her world, we need to be ruled over. Let me be clear, I don’t think for one second that her radical views have changed. She is just more skilled at navigating her knuckle dragging neanderthal voting block by throwing them a bone every now and then. This week’s shenanigans in the Senate are a perfect example of just that. When the queen flies in from San Fran her loyal servants line up to do her bidding. You see, in their world society is seen much like an ant colony and we are all drones whose purpose is to do the bidding of the ruling class. The mission cannot be questioned full stop.

Enter the famous Astronaut. There can be no question that Mark Kelly is the male equivalent of Ms. Sinema. He is charismatic, very likable and being a national hero doesn’t hurt his image making either. Don’t be fooled though. Behind those attractive veneers are people that will do what they are told to by their Democrat handlers. They will vote the way that they are told to vote with the end goal of RULING OVER US because in the end that is the true virtue.

Now you may say to me that the GOP isn’t a whole lot better and ten to twenty years ago I might have agreed. But what we have witnessed over the last few years is nothing short of the Democrats pulling their masks off. We now see them and their evil agenda in full view. Why? Because they believe that societal norms have shifted in their favor and they no longer need to hide their true selves. Martha McSally (Senator R-AZ ) isn’t any of the things that Mark and Kyrsten are in appearances. She isn’t slick and pretty. In fact she kind of grates on me as a bit of a whiner. But with that said, I don’t find her of the mindset that needs to rule over us and that needs to be taken into consideration.

In closing I want to repeat for all that if you think that the world as you know it right now should be so all of the time then you should vote for Mark and the rest of his Democrat colonizers. If you long for the return of a way of life that doesn’t humiliate you for daring to buy a pack of toilet paper you need to take a closer look at the people who would RULE OVER US and reject them and their deconstructionist cause.

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