Southern Baptists ranging from New York Times op-ed contributors to seminary presidents cried foul as filmmakers revealed the rise of the demonic force of Identity Politics in the Southern Baptist Convention. One critic blamed, you guessed it, the era of Donald Trump.

When your progressive views are totally discredited and on display, all you’ve got left is Orange Man Bad!

The kerfuffle is caused by a new documentary threatening to expose the influence of the godless ideologies of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality on the Southern Baptist Convention.

Elites don’t want you to see the trailer or the film. So, you should go and watch it.

The trailer was viewed so many times it crashed the web servers of Founders Ministries. The flurry of activity exposing the secular worldviews drew a swift condemnation from many elite Southern Baptist leaders.


Outrage that the filmmakers violated the 11th Commandment.

Oh, you aren’t familiar with the 11th Commandment? Well, that’s the rule that nobody ever says anything bad about another Southern Baptist leader.


Well, that is good old boy politics.

The Big Boys have their rules, and they’d prefer the little folks—you know, the ones like you and me who sit in the pew and pay the bills—not know what is happening.

You might be outraged at the rise of Identity Politics in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Well, your outrage isn’t anything compared to the threatened insiders.

Joining the chorus of anger were Southern Baptist seminary presidents. Within four hours of the trailer’s release, seminary presidents including Al Mohler and Daniel Akin released statements against the tone of the film.

The epicenter of the Social Justice deception is Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. And of course, the president of that seminary Daniel Akin—a seminary that has an employee bragging to the New York Times about using the heretical Liberation Theology of James Cone—attacked the film trailer.

Akin demanded his interview be removed from the upcoming film.

However, one Christian evangelical leader pointed out the questionable nature of their condemnations. A.D. Robles, a conservative Christian podcaster said, It’s amazing to see what issues they speak on immediately and what issues they wait and nuance to death days, weeks or months later. It’s all very telling.

Yes. Very telling. Mohler refused to speak against the infamous Resolution 9 at the Southern Baptist Convention’s Annual Meeting in Birmingham. Resolution 9 approved the use of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality by Southern Baptists. In other words, it promoted the tools of Identity Politics.

Another conservative Christian thinker, Douglas Wilson tweeted, “Earlier today I tweeted out a trailer for an upcoming documentary from @FoundersMin. Thus far the push back has been *very* vigorous. Now if we can just get that level of resistance to egalitarianism and identity politics, everything should be swell.”

This fiasco shows now more than ever the need for independent voices covering the Southern Baptist Convention. The film needs to be made. The elites want to suppress this film. It speaks volumes about their priorities.

You can rise against enforced political correctness and watch the film trailer. We highly recommend you do.

via Capstone Report

2 Comments to: Anti-Trump Southern Baptists Working To Crush Exposé on Identity Politics in the Church

  1. Avatar

    Barbara Huck

    July 28th, 2019

    This article surprised me. There are no Southern Baptist Churches where I live. I was always taught that they live by The Word Of God and The Bible.

  2. Avatar

    Andy Doerksen

    August 10th, 2019

    What’s going on with the Founders’ website? It appears dead in the water.


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