In this exclusive Sovereign Nations interview, former UN Ambassador Alan Keyes addresses the current purposed, reflexive furor over the call to remove the legacy of the Founders of the United States.

“One of the reasons that I have come to admire the Founders more than I admire a lot of the people who claim that they are so much for the ideals of justice in today’s world, is that the Founders were willing to acknowledge the truth by which their offences were to be condemned, and were condemned in their own minds, by Almighty God.”

Ambassador Keyes refers to the writings and discussions where the Founders realize that slavery was a blight on the character of the new fledgling United States and realized that they were bringing condemnation upon themselves. In creating a unique sovereign nation based on the concept of the liberty of man as seen from a Judeo Christian worldview, “…they understood that in terms of a predicate of justice that came ultimately from a source that wasn’t just feeling; but that had to do with the will of Almighty God which they all joined in acknowledging when they supported the declaration.”

I think we need to remember that the seed of justice was planted in America in the midst of injustice.

Ambassador Keyes continued “Do I admire them for planting that seed in spite of what they saw coming from it (the civil war), in spite of what it implied for themselves and their progeny? Or should I look at people today who want to indulge themselves in sexual lust and kill their children in the womb — but they are going to do that by pretending that they get to change the rule that condemns their acts as unjust murder against the innocent. Which do you think is more admirable?  I think we need to remember that the seed of justice was planted in America in the midst of injustice.”

Ambassador Keyes then emphasized,”We need to remember every moment, every aspect, every day of the struggle: otherwise we will no longer appreciate the courage that it took first to speak the truth and stand for the truth and plant the truth in the history and heart of this country and then to fight for it generation after generation.  People who didn’t even feel the love  – didn’t even feel the respect wading through fields of blood because they revered the premise of justice and were willing to die for it. I think that’s important.”

Ambassador Keyes then addresses those who are seeking ‘social justice’ by erasing the past “And these people pretend they are serving the cause of justice and memory by erasing the memory of the evil and the struggle against it: we are also erasing the memory of the heroism, we are erasing the memory of the clarity, we’re erasing the memory of the hearts dedicated to God’s truth even when their reach was too short to make it happen. Better that they lit the torch and handed it on to future generations than we should extinguish now the memory of what it took for them to do so.”

Ambassador Keyes then closes by stating, “I’m not for anything that blinks at the truth.  I would rather know that truth so that I can respect the people who helped to change that injustice than forget that truth, and by forgetting it, set the stage for those evils to re-emerge.’

Michael O'Fallon
Michael O’Fallon is the Founder of Sovereign Nations, a media site dedicated to the preservation of national sovereignty.

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    May 13th, 2018

    Allan Keys
    Follower of Jesus Christ
    The best chance America had that it never took

    Great article

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    January 5th, 2019

    Keyes would’ve been a great President. I recall a televised debate he had with Alan Dershowitz in which Dershowitz, replying to Keyes, said “I do not know what right and wrong are”. There, in a nutshell, we have the divide between right and left.


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