“We Hold These Truths…” was the title of the keynote speech Ambassador Alan Keyes delivered at the first Sovereign Nations Conference on Friday, October 30th at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC.

The people of the United States based their claim to sovereignty on an appeal to the authority of God.  That fact is, by and large, no longer acknowledged and reiterated by many, if not most, of our political leaders.  They are more and more openly rejecting the premise that all human beings are created equal.  They are more and more openly disparaging the notion that the aim of government is to pursue justice, by the exercise of right, in accordance with the rule of the Creator, God.

Instead, the vaulting ambition of a superior few is re-emerging as the primary engine for political activity.  Discarding the premises of right and justice in the American Declaration of Independence, an elitist faction is turning away from the view that government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed.  It is returning to the view that the contest of power is the decisive factor, so that law and government are figments of the will of those who assert and maintain superior power to enforce their will.

To advance and complete this revolution to oligarchic rule, these elitist elements have declared war against the very idea of God’s authority.  They have pretended that science refutes the assumption of creation and a Creator.  They have abandoned the understanding of right that traces its origin to the determinations of God’s will that establish the nature of things, including humanity.  They have therefore discarded the true basis for the Declaration’s assertion of human equality, which is that all human beings are equally obliged to respect the boundaries and provisions by which God makes human existence possible.

Considering this obligation, the human exercise of right is not simply the freedom to do as we please.  It is, rather the employment of freedom to do what is right.  But in the service of their ambition to discard America’s constitutional self-government of the people, and return to the age-old and nearly universal paradigm of tyrannical oligarchic rule, the elitist faction promotes the fallacy that right and freedom are synonymous.  They thereby corrupt the self-disciplined character, in respect of right, that allows the people as a whole to exercise sovereign power responsibly.

This corruption weakens the natural institutions, such as the procreative family, through which human beings preserve and perpetuate themselves and the human race.  This weakness is being exploited to substitute dependence on governmental and economic institutions subject to elitist power and control, for natural and political institutions ultimately subject to the sovereignty of the people.  Like a debilitating disease, the spread of this dependency saps the energy of the body politic until it sees no choice but to surrender all but the outward appearance of sovereignty.

The constitutional self-government of the people of the United States may not, as yet, have passed the point of no return in this process of debilitation.  But to halt and reverse this fatal will require a firm decision to return to take a stand on the ground of good faith with which the nation began. The key to doing so is the courage and political tenacity of people of good faith, who must create and take advantage of provisions of the U.S. Constitution that will allow them to do so.  They must consciously, boldly, unashamedly uphold the words and logic of the Declaration, by becoming or choosing representatives in government who have proven their willingness to do so, without hesitation of apology.  They must, above all, unashamedly remember and reassert in the life of our nation the authority of God, and of the Word through which He made all things.

Michael O'Fallon
Michael O’Fallon is the Founder of Sovereign Nations, a media site dedicated to the preservation of national sovereignty.

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