Over the past several decades, oil has been considered the primary commodity that developing countries need to build their modern economies and infrastructure. As we are forcibly moved into the 4th Industrial Revolution, the necessary commodity for the algorithmic, technocratic, authoritarian civilization of tomorrow is data.

There is no need for your permission to be monitored every moment of every day: they just need your data. And with your personal data, those that are creating humanity 2.0 will be able to nudge your decisions, your votes and the path of your life.

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One Comment to: You Are Data | Public Occurrences, Ep. 113

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    Karen Chidwick

    April 4th, 2023

    So well put! It brings to mind who the real nudger and influencer is in our lives, Satan. He studies us and learns what motivates us, distracts us, tempts us and then nudges our weaknesses. “Did God really say?….” “We can’t even touch it!” Oh? Satan knew what her weakness was because he’d been watching and observing her behaviors and listening to their conversations. Oh, that we could be as strong as Jesus and know that God wants far more for us than just our earthly and temporal needs! I pray we can wake up and unplug as much as possible…while I’m on a computer listening and typing through the internet.
    Thank you for all your faithful and hard work and for being an obedient servant of God. It is an encouragement to the rest of us and brings glory to God.


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