Progressive technocrats with an eye towards top-down control have several strategies that they employ that will allow them to continue to move the Overton window towards eventual autocratic control and away from established liberty-minded social contracts:

  1. Aggressive overthrows of federal and local governments through the seizure of election processes, judicial appointments and control of corporate partners to create pathways around legal structures. 
  2. Fabian strategies of becoming a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” by masking true intentions with rightist, populist rhetoric to gain grassroots support that will eventually lead to the same policies advocated by progressive globalists. 

A technocracy, to put it simply, is a form of governance that can be boiled down to a “rule by experts.” A broader definition of a technocracy can be described as “A form of government in which the decision-maker or makers are selected based on their expertise in a given area of responsibility, particularly with regard to scientific or technical knowledge.”(Berndt, Ernst R. (1982)) A technocracy explicitly contrasts with a constitutional, representative democracy: the notion that elected representatives should be the primary decision-makers in government. 

Techno-populism has been on the rise in Europe over the past several years with candidates and entire political parties gaining the trust of men and women frustrated with the autocratic drift of their nations. 

While there have been some examples of Techno-populism that have grassroot beginnings and honest intentions, many techno-populist movements have been hijacked by corporate and globalist interests that grift off of authentic and real concerns such as the rise of “woke” politics and culture within our world. 

Sadly, many of the recent “conservative” victories by techno-populists have been anything but conservative with technocrats such as Giorgia Meloni, Boris Johnson and Glenn Youngkin securing victories in Italy, the U.K. and Virginia. These techno-populist lure the voting public in with well-tuned rhetoric but then eventually lead with an eye towards globalist, authoritarian, top-down control.

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    April 3rd, 2023

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