If you were to think back to 2017, you might remember a United States that seemed very different than the nation that we live in today. 

Economic stability was becoming a reality after 8 years of socialistic policies of the Obama Administration. The national mood of the United States was on the upswing with hope for a brighter tomorrow. People made plans, were confident in their investments and trusted their healthcare officials. 

But all throughout 2017 and 2018 there was a boiling of issues that were just underneath the surface:

-Critical Race Theory was being taught in our schools, churches, and corporate class
-A strong anti-American sentiment was consistent in our media and entertainment
-Our global system was moving in a collective direction
-The World Economic Forum was pushing a neo-fascist strategy for the planet
-Soros and others were manipulating our judicial system
-Our financial systems were heading towards paradigm shifts towards ESG governance
-China was digitally colonizing Asia, Africa and portions of Europe and South America

On October 31st, 2017, Sovereign Nations began our mission to provide the answers to what would be coming to our nation and world in the years to come. From alerting the nation about the coming threat of CRT, to providing the first warnings about a “Great Reset” and “Big Sort”, Sovereign Nations has consistently led the way in providing warnings to the public about the shape of things to come and how to halt the progress of enviro-communo-fascism.

Sovereign Nations was started because no one else would discuss these issues.

Join Michael O’Fallon in an overview of “why” he founded Sovereign Nations.

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