Over the past several years at Sovereign Nations, I have provided a forecast for what will be on the horizon for all of us here in the United States and beyond as we continue down the dialectical river towards 2030. 

For example

  • In 2017 I warned that Critical Race Theory would be the great ideological challenge of our nation and that this radical concept would infuse itself into every facet of our society. I also warned of the attempt to fracture our nation (Balkanization) into micro identity groups for the purposes of dividing our nation. I also warned that the primary threat to mankind was the end of cognitive liberty. I warned that we must create the “reaction” before the prime manipulators create their planned reaction to their manufactured “problem” in order to realize their long-planned “solution.” I warned of the use of reflexivity to create strategic, pre-made crisis moments that demand change. I explained that NEOM and smart cities would be the technocratic solution to human control and pseudo environmental panic. 
  • In 2018, I explained who the primary puppet masters were in the attempt to manipulate mankind: Open Society Foundations, The World Economic Forum, The United Nations, Chinese Communist Party and the subtle but continued influence of the Fabian Society. I explained that postmodernism and critical theory were being used within the evangelical church for the purposes of changing the very nature of Christianity. I explained that all of this was to create a utopian society that would be unified by the ecumenical glue of social justice. I warned that our primary adversary was comprised of a government-corporate-faith model known as integralism that was very similar to National Socialism and the fascism of Mussolini’s Italy. 
  • In 2019, I explained that we were in the midst of a western version of a cultural revolution. I laid out in detail that a “top down, bottom up, inside out” revolution was taking place around us and that very few could understand the operational preparation of the environment that was being put into place to create a “reset” of our world. I explained that wokeism was, in fact, very Augustinian but with the alchemical properties of Gnosticism and Hermeticism. I warned that everything in our current reality was in fact fake: a phony representation of the real – and if we didn’t defeat this reflexive wheel of fertile fallacies that we would lose our civilization. I warned, repeatedly, that we were being transitioned from a physical/analog world and into a fake/digital world. 
  • At the beginning of the reflexive pandemic in early 2020, I explained that the cases of the virus that was circulating in China would soon explode in the United States – and not because the virus would be “new” to the U.S. , but only because we would be now testing for the virus — and that the virus had been very present in the United States as far back as 2019. I explained out the lockdowns were an attempt to change our metasystems in the United States – a Great Reset of our economic systems, our mobility, and our social contract. I explained that the Chinese Communist Party interests in our Public Health systems had created an alchemical system that was postmodern in construct as opposed to being based on the scientific method. I explained that the attempt to “defund the police” was for the purposes of moving us into a chaotic situation where “new police methods” using algorithmic controls and predictive policing would be put in place. I explained that the attempt to infuse the nation with Critical Race Theory and intersectionality was to create a new framework for income redistribution across the nation. I explained that “Health Equity” would take over our healthcare system and install a Marxian system of DEI in place of triage. I warned that the favoring of China in the coming new age was because of the selling of the false concept of Thucydides Trap. I explained that President Trump would not be allowed to win the election in 2020 – no matter how many legal, viable actual votes he would receive. 2020 was the Great Reset. 
  • In 2021 I explained that we were in the midst of a religious experience of transforming every aspect of our society. James Lindsay and I attempted to explain the utilization of the Motte & Bailey by those that were attempting to disrupt and dismantle civilization. We warned of the coming emphasis of “Climate Justice”. I warned that the entire process around the vaccination schemes was built upon a religious sacramental process. I warned that our monetary instruments would be changed into digital currencies that could be manipulated and controlled. I explained that the actions of the Biden Administration were not for the purposes of national success but instead were for the purposes of disrupting and dismantling our nation. 
  • In early 2022 I explained that we were being “torn down completely” before we could be “built back better” in the shape of the future envisioned by the World Economic Forum. I warned that the auto industry was being dismantled for the purposes of ending freedom of movement and the ability to move about freely. I reiterated that the Travel industry was being purposely disrupted. I warned that our food industry was being dismantled to end our economy of abundance and forcibly shove mankind into an economy of scarcity. Once again, I reminded everyone that the entire purpose of the infusion of CRT and intersectionality was for the purposes of using identity politics to create division in our nation: divide and conquer. 

And now we arrive at the edge of 2023 with many people across the nation at the precipice of understanding that we are in the process of being manipulated by psychological operations and active measures. 

2023 is easily predictable: not just because of the long-planned goals of the Malthusian Neo-Communists, but also because of the fact that most of those that claim to be  “conservatives” are not conservative at all. 

So with 5 years of being able to accurately forecast the course of our nation and world, I would like to present my forecast for 2023:

  1. The world-wide push for Central Bank Digital Currencies will incrementally evolve towards both national and global acceptance
  2. The Big Brothering of World Governments and Corporations
  3. There will be another attempt at creating a reflexive health crisis 
  4. The amount of fury from those that have been vaccinated will exponentially increase
  5. The Vaccination Revelations will have a serious effect on the campaign of President Donald Trump
  6. There will be chaos and fracturing in the Republican Party
  7. The explosion of 15 minute cities 
  8. The Beginning of the End of the Personal Automobile Industry
  9. The disrupting and dismantling of the Golden Age of Travel
  10. China’s dominance across the world will grow
  11. The increased call for the Balkanization of Western nations
  12. Conservative Reformed Evangelical Parachurch ministries and organizations will blame “liberalism” for the current state of our nation – and not their decade long attempt to deconstruct Christianity for the Marxian substitute of “social justice”
  13. The loss of cognitive liberty through invasive cerebral instruments
  14. Wars and rumors of wars will continue in Ukraine and beyond
  15. The transition of western economies from abundance to scarcity 
  16. The rise of “Health Equity”
  17. Artificial Intelligence will make a very invasive leap into our lives 

In knowing these things, and knowing that this is what is planned, you can participate in the proactive effort to ensure that these planned scenarios are not effectively put into place. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that we preserve our nation and ensure that liberty will continue for future generations.

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Michael O'Fallon
Michael O’Fallon is the Founder of Sovereign Nations, a media site dedicated to the preservation of national sovereignty.

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