Intelligent, educated men and women are at times the most susceptible to propaganda and fertile fallacies. 

Educated citizens have a tendency to keep up with the news, taking for granted that what is being told to them is verifiable and accurate – at times not giving a second thought as to whether or not that information is meant to mislead or misdirect their passions and actions. 

This has become even more of an issue in today’s ghettoized landscape of social media. Those that are active on social media choose what news providers they will hear from or what ministry leaders they will follow — without a second thought as to whether or not they might be the ready targets of propaganda. 

Michael O’Fallon explores the problematic nature of today’s informational landscape by pointing back toward the French Post-structuralist, Jacques Ellul, and provides a warning to examine our strategies and responses with discernment and care.

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