It is rare that a book comes along that not only sets the bar for all of those approaching the same subject matter must be measured but also that unmasks the central ideological issues that plague our rapidly mutating civilization.

In The Marxification of Education, Dr. James Lindsay peels back the layers of bureaucracy and “wizardry language” that has long camouflaged the Marxian methodologies that have been employed in education (both secular and religious) for the last several decades. 

As Dr. Lindsay reveals, the central genesis of our current crisis in education points back to the influence of one man:  Brazilian Marxist Educator Paulo Freire. 

As Dr. Lindsay explains:

“Many of the major seemingly faddish but broadly dominant developments in education today

have roots that can be traced back in whole or in part to Paulo Freire. These include, especially, the abysmal performance in achieving at-grade-level competency in most subjects in most classes in most schools, misplaced curricular emphases, the rampant data-mining of children through relentless surveys and assessments (though these serve other purposes as well), Culturally Relevant (and Responsive)Teaching, “decolonizing” the curriculum, student-led project-based learning, and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), especially “Transformative” Social-Emotional Learning.

Other programs, like Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)—including the abominable practice of Drag Queen Story Hour, in which drag queens (adult men dressed as clown-form sexualized women) do drag performances for children while reading to them in school libraries and classrooms—graft themselves onto the Freirean “generative” method.

 It is because of this methodological approach that they are able to do what they do and to justify their inclusion in (early) childhood education. Some of these trends are direct and intended consequences of Freirean pedagogy. 

These include focusing on social issues through broadly Marxian social theories like Critical Race Theory, The “democratic” (that is, ungovernable) classroom, and the grooming of children into “critically conscious” activist “change agents.” 

These are the reasons Freirean pedagogy was developed in the first place.

Other trends are an indirect but not necessarily unintended result of applying Freire’s pedagogy.

For example, Freire’s approach does not directly intend to cause the readily observed widespread underperformance of students across virtually every grade level in virtually every core academic competency (reading, writing, mathematics, scientific literacy, historical literacy, and civics (in particular), but it contributes significantly to it. 

Dr. James Lindsay
The Marxification of Education

In this podcast, Michael O’Fallon reviews The Marxification of Education and concludes that this new offering from Dr. James Lindsay is a necessary tool for those who are battling against the efforts to radicalize generations of impressionable minds. 

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