There will be an attempt in the coming years to change nearly everything in our lives. Thanks to apathy and the lack of knowledge of the average citizen, there will be no stopping the inevitable attempt to dismantle our societal systems. 

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the eventual goal of those that are seeking to transform our world to become a close parallel to what is now present day China. 

In this episode of Public Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestic, Michael O’Fallon gives a brief introduction to the concepts and ideologies that are at the center of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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One Comment to: Introduction To The 4th Industrial Revolution | Public Occurrences, Ep. 56

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    Hector Betancourt

    December 10th, 2021

    Thanks for your insight on the 4th Industrial Revolution. Is there any upside to humanity’s well-being in achieving such revolution? I’m speaking from a pragmatic, practical perspective without delving into plain ideology, spiritual or moralistic realms. A complex evolutionary pathway explanation and this Revolution’s “advantages”, such that they could be justified by a two hundred and fifty years long spear, being still thrusted (successfully?) at our present development stage.
    Thanks again.

    Hector Betancourt


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