As the border surges at the same time that crime surges while a national economic crisis is unfolding around us, many discerning people are beginning to wonder why their church leaders are not addressing the problems at the border.  

Why are our laws being broken and the national security of the United States being put at risk? Why are there no pastors or religious leaders speaking against this?

The problem started many years ago with “Bibles Badges and Businesses” where the evangelical leaders capitalized on the opportunity to receive an incredible amount of revenue from our government to resettle immigrants. 

National Immigration Forum 2012 Impact Report (PDF)

Eventually, agreements between church leaders, legal authorities and corporations led to the organization that was birthed out of “Bibles Badges and Businesses” called The Evangelical Immigration Table.

Much of the praxis of critical race theory began at this time in churches and businesses across the nation. 

Michael O’Fallon explains how “Bibles, Badges, and Businesses” eventually led us to the destructive plan of “Build Back Better” in 2021.

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