The Hungarian government is sounding alarm bells over open border activist George Soros’s plans to construct a billion-dollar global university network.

Soros, an 89-year-old financial speculator and convicted insider trader who has poured a fortune into globalist causes around the world — including the campaign against Brexit in the United Kingdom — announced his new Open Society University Network would be the “most important and enduring project of my life” in Davos, Switzerland, during the elitist World Economic Forum summit.

The plutocrat is also said to have branded U.S. President Donald Trump “the ultimate narcissist” — a curious choice of insult, given Soros’s own admission that he “fancied myself as some kind of god” from an early age in his book The Alchemy of Finance.

“In Soros’s view, it is high time [for] Open Society Foundation, the vehicle through which he funds myriad endeavours to advance an ideologically-driven political agenda, to build on his previous efforts and develop ‘a new and innovative educational network that the world really needs’,” observed Dr  Zoltán Kovács, Hungary’s Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Relations, in an official blog entry.

“Certainly, tens of millions of voters around the world would agree that this is what the world really needs,” he added sarcastically.

“As we’ve said before, the international media and advocates of globalism enjoy referring to Mr Soros as a ‘philanthropist’ engaged in ‘charitable giving’,” continued the spokesman.

“But all you really have to do is listen to Soros himself. He’s pretty clear about his determination to push his open society agenda.”

Soros and his networks have powerful institutional backers around the world, with the European Union repeatedly trying to overturn Hungarian legislation aimed at increasing transparency around its activities and curbing its ability to abet illegal immigration.

Most recently, the EU Advocate-General has said that laws requiring NGOs which receive foreign funding of over 7.2 million forints ($24,090) a year identify themselves as foreign-funded in their publications, including online, and to list foreign sponsors who provided over 500,000 forints ($1,670).

The top eurocrat said the move, aimed at increasing public understanding of the people behind so-called “civil society” organisations, violated foreign donors’ free movement of capital rights.

via Breitbart

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