The Democratic National Committee has taken its stand, and it’s against orthodox Christianity. It passed a resolution on August 17, 2019 calling for the Party to be more inclusive toward non-believers. On its own that’s not remarkable. But the document also strongly denounces Christian belief and action.

The key paragraph:

Those most loudly claiming that morals, values, and patriotism must be defined by their particular religious views have used those religious views, with misplaced claims of “religious liberty,” to justify public policy that has threatened the civil rights and liberties of many Americans, including but not limited to the LGBT community, women, and ethnic and religious/nonreligious minorities …

The party’s hostility toward Christian beliefs and values was clear enough before. Putting it on paper this way, however, raises the message to another level.

Trying to Put Christianity on the Defensive

The Democrats want to see Christians on the defense. And they’re good at putting us there. They have special skill with scare words. Even the simple word “particular” makes us look small, small-minded, and off in an intellectual corner somewhere. Of course none of that is true.

They put “religious liberty” in scare quotes, as if the concept of it weren’t in all America’s founding conversations, and in the first paragraph of the Bill of Rights. They speak, too, of “civil rights,” “liberties,” and “minorities.” America has sacralized these words, hardly ever stopping to ask when they apply, and when they’re nice-sounding words that don’t belong where they’re being used.

The Worldview Divide Behind This

And there’s no simple response to this. That’s not because the answer is unclear, but because so much needs explaining to get it across. We live in different worlds, as it were. When a party takes aim at the Western world’s moral foundation, it’s no longer making mere political statements. This is a worldview statement.

In the Democrats’ world, “civil rights” are no longer endowed by our creator. They’re human products, human inventions. Gay marriage is example number one: It became a right when five Supreme Court justices said it was.

In the Democrats’ world, everything is about sex, race, “equality,” or economics, in that order. But economics in their world is all about sex, race, and “equality,” too, so forget I mentioned it.

In the Democrats’ world, things are simple. Elsewhere in the resolution, for example, they say, “immigrants make American society stronger.” How black-and-white can you get? Could it be that not every immigrant makes us stronger?

Politics and Religion

The saying goes, “Religions should keep out of politics;” but this is politics failing to return the favor. Democrats are poking deep into religion here. Religion should feel free to answer.

Again, though, this isn’t just about religion. It’s about Dems’ entire view of reality — a view that in many ways stands directly against a biblical view.

Christianity gets criticized for aligning with the Republican Party. I’m not comfortable with that myself. There’s great danger in tying ourselves to any political group. But what choice do Democrats leave us now? There are only two major parties. One of them has made its stand. It’s against us. We can’t vote Democrat and hold to our Christian values and beliefs.

Let me repeat that: We can’t vote Democrat and hold to our Christian values and beliefs. That doesn’t mean we have to agree with everything our president does. It doesn’t even mean we have to be Republicans. But for all the options seemingly open to Christians, one of them is shut tight, at least for now — by Democrats’ own decision.

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    September 20th, 2019

    While I totally understand the concern that Christians May have with this we should not be surprised. The democrats are simply realizing that more nonreligious (nonchristains) are voting Democrat and they want to make that number grow so that they have more voters in future elections. However, I don’t believe we should say the resolution is against us. We should say the resolution is for nonchristians. Also, we should not be surprised by this either. Whether you are Republican or Democrat you will never find a party that will perfectly align with Christian values. God is our compass for what to vote for. If you feel you must vote Democrat one election and Republican another than you can. Personally, I don’t believe our current president has Christian interests at heart. He is a creator of fear and division amongst the country and while he thanks evangelicals for their supports I have never heard him thank God for one thing in his life. I’d love to be proved wrong. I will always pray for our president, no matter who they are. However, I may not always stand by them. While it can be easy to take sides don’t. We are to show no partiality to anyone. Ever.

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      September 21st, 2019

      Trump is the creator of fear and division? You must be kidding. I have never heard Trump say anything to increase racial tensions in America. But that is all you hear on CNN and MSM. He has humbled himself greatly by seeking prayer and support from mature Christian leaders. He has thanked God many times publicly and behind closed doors. You can see this at almost every rally and even at the White House. Trump has expose the hypocrisy and hatred of many political groups. I don’t blindly follow any man but I find his work honorable. You could list dozens of scandals from the last administration that still need to be brought to light and results but there is nothing in trumps administration. Several investigations have declared Trump innocent from that crazy Russian collusion scheme fabricated by the FBI. I can’t wait to see The creators of the lie brought to justice.

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      September 24th, 2019

      I say you haven’t been listening to President Trump. He I a Christian and he has talked about God many times. You are so blinded. Th left is the party of hate and division and murder.

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      October 8th, 2019

      So you think what the Democrats did is just fine, and you can’t tell that it is just one more step that they have taken to get rid of Christianity in America. You really need to take off the blinders.

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      Larry Howell

      November 9th, 2020

      This date sees Trump still fighting the source of evil (yes I said it) The media, the press and it seems “The bastions of hell” Never more have we seen the deceit and demonic responses to a representative elected to serve our country and us than now. Agree or not, I believe he is a Christian. Maybe Trump is a new Christian (thanks to the VP and others around him) and less able to say the right things but, Christian none the less. Who could ever imagine such a tirade of evil-speak directed toward this man, a patriot, who serves the country he says he loves and without acclamation or salary, perhaps the last hope we ever see to help return God’s rebellious people to Him. We stand amazed of what has been accomplished in the hostile environment. As he leaves maybe we get what we disserve?

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      Eugene Holley

      November 5th, 2021

      To be on the side of God is not partiality.

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    October 8th, 2019

    What I can’t believe is the level of activism Christians employ in and adhere to politics- it is a worldly religion, a cult, and incompatible with Biblical Christianity. Call it idolatry.

    God ALONE sets up rulers and deposes them. Participate if you will, but there is no compelling history, or inference, or instance where the apostles or any other saint ever participated- but rather railed against it and some were imprisoned and/or killed violently for doing so.

    Non-particpant, scripture-driven. YMMV. Views expressed are not necessarily that of the website. Etc.

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      October 14th, 2019

      TS, I would disagree with you on American Christians and the issue of activism….. the formation of peculiar government was very different than that which had existed . We, the people, are the government. Our form of governance requires an active participation. Where we have failed is in allowing government to expand beyond what was established at the outset. Where we have failed is in not being active enough. We surrendered our individual responsibility and did not remain vigilant.

      But idolatry? No. As the forefathers said, our form of government can only succeed with a moral, educated, Christian populace. We were never to worship the State and if you were to talk to most constitutional patriots , you would be very aware of that. But we were also not to allow the things that have taken place – the humanistic control of our educational system; the corruption of our legal system in the abandonment of natural law; the silence of the church as a whole as our culture continued to slide into the pit.

      We will never have a perfect government because it is composed of mankind. But we had the chance to do it better. Without God, I don’t see us surviving . A miracle will not turn us around. We, the faithful, would have to repent and turn away from what has taken place. With the slaughter of the unborn, the embracing of every sexual perversion known to man, the surrender of our children to the indoctrination of the state, our tolerance of the entertainment culture and our acceptance of mentally-depraved politicians, God could surely not accuse us of being overly-zealous concerning our political activity.

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    October 12th, 2019

    Much to agree with Berg. He says “In the Democrats’ world, everything is about sex, race, “equality,” or economics, in that order.” These topics are all about dividing the nation and picking apart those that stand in the way. (and don’t forget about Climate). The hot topic of the year is all pre-determined at the globalist conclaves, then the democrats push all things towards those ends. The topics are almost non-important, but what is important is the goal: Power to take over the entire nation and become the sole party that possesses the reigns of control over everything. This is nothing less than a marxian coup against this foundations of a Christian America. One aspect of Marx which has been adopted totally by the left’s is the ability to ruthlessly criticize everything…so when Marx meant everything, his useful idiots are doing just that. They mean to divide and conquer. The least of want total control over society. The worst of them want to see Christians and dissenters in a gulag.

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    September 17th, 2020

    Can’t wait, Jesus is coming, and a little blow from his lips and they will be DUST!! Amen! Bring it on you fools!!

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    Bruce Waltz

    July 29th, 2021

    I believe this land (America) was established for religious freedom, our forefathers were inspired by our GOD to write and develop the constitution to ensure this land was protected from evil and unrighteous dominion. However, with over 51% of Americans fighting against GOD, we can expect things to sideways for us… We have turned our back on the LORD, he hasn’t turned his back on us. Unless we repent as a people get back on track, we will see America decline to the point that a third world country will look great to us. Know that Jesus Christ the LORD and our hearts and minds need to be focused on him. God Bless you!

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    December 26th, 2021

    It’s very difficult to explain in detail of how, in the end, of a life for every human being, they will cry out to the god our creator out of fear.
    Even the very people that don’t believe in god will in fact call out to him in the end, and he will still listen as you lay there dying.
    Everyone will experience this eventually… there’s no escaping it when our time is up.

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    July 13th, 2022

    Wondering when Christians will start another Crusades,witch trials or Holocaust. It is what you’re notorious for. Don’t believe me? Don’t care


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