In today’s ever-evolving, radical, and progressive society, the old ideas, customs, laws, and practices are immediately equated as wrong while the new concepts, laws, and ideas are thought as right. This false dichotomy of old equals wrong while new equals right is at the very center of a call for civilizational change in both macro and micro societal frameworks.

Haven’t we seen this false comparison before? Didn’t this false comparison lead to death, destruction, and disaster? The answer is a profound yes with a finger pointing to the shores of China and the cultural revolution and the purposed elimination of what Chairman Mao referred to as “the four olds.”

Is this pattern being repeated in western civilization?

Join us on The Causes of Things as we explore the question “what’s going on?”

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Michael O'Fallon
Michael O’Fallon is the Founder of Sovereign Nations, a media site dedicated to the preservation of national sovereignty.

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