I’m a female with a husband, son, brother, father, male cousins, etc., and I’m going to get to the point.

Our founding fathers were intelligent rogue alpha males dressed in suits who whooped the snot out of tyrannical England with nothing more than a meager militia.  Our founding fathers didn’t apologize for bloodying the field when necessary, or for rising up in righteous anger when they were attacked.  That anger and fierce brutality, needed to overcome the world’s most powerful army at the time, is what is needed and absolutely warranted today.  Can you imagine a bunch of beta males cowering at the feet of the king, imploring him to be sensitive to us colonists?  We’d be the United States of Great Britain if the founders hadn’t risen up in anger – the very anger we saw of Brett Kavanaugh.

Who actually determines the qualifications for judicial temperament?  According to the Bar Association, good temperament means that a judge exhibits “compassion, decisiveness, open-mindedness, sensitivity, courtesy, patience, freedom from bias and commitment to equal justice.”  This is in reference to how a judge handles law and court cases.  It does not specify that a justice is courteous when he and his family are personally attacked and he has to sit through a kangaroo court.  I, and many others, would have been disappointed if he had not been provoked to anger over this whole circus.

It took anger and hostility to win that war against a tyrannical England.  Now we have to apologize for “feelings” in 2018?

God himself can be and has been provoked to anger.  Just read the Bible: even he has his limits and will rain down fiery judgment on the unjust.

I don’t want Justice Kavanaugh to apologize.  He had to write an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal to explain that while he was emotional at times in testimony, he was defending his family, not presiding over a legal proceeding.  Gloves come off when one is personally attacked and shredded without an ounce of evidence.  The gloves came off with our founding fathers, and it didn’t compromise their ability to draft the Declaration of Independence and subsequently the Constitution – nor their ability to win a bloody war.

The militia at times left bloody footprints in the snow because their footwear fell apart.  Are those the actions of someone not provoked to anger and defense of country and family?  Do you think those patriots didn’t cry, spout off in anger, or sneer at those opposing them?

As a woman, I can come to only one conclusion.  These women trying to subvert the males of this country are not the strong women they pretend to be.  I am not talking about well intentioned women, many of whom are my friends, on the left.  I’m talking those we see on their knees screaming and crying, and the likes of Carol Christine Fair, who was put on leave from teaching at Georgetown University for saying of white men, “All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps.  Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine?  Yes.”  They are trying to convince themselves with their outlandish lack of decorum and pseudo-strength.  They are actually intimidated by a strong man, therefore they try to soften men.  They are incapable of being truly strong women like Susan B. Anthony (who was a Republican for those who don’t know).

Strong women – truly strong women – like the grit in our men.  The other women stand in the streets, attempting pansy violence in a fit of not getting their way, cajoling males to do the same, and expect those they oppose not to not rise up in response.

I will never respect these antics or these fearful demonstrators.  The men I, and the women I respect, surround ourselves with and the men we support for leadership will be the same.  We want warriors, not subservient, apologetic wussies.  Truly strong women will encourage a response like Kavanaugh’s to being unjustly accused.  Funny that liberal women try to condemn conservative women as subservient when we are not afraid to match ourselves with a strong male figure.  We encourage their manliness, their strength, their vigor.

A weak person tries to lessen others’ power, not encourage it.  Conservative women generally encourage the power of a man, because we are not afraid of it.  That’s what truly makes a strong woman.

As a woman, I am heartened to see true-grit men like Justice Kavanaugh out there.  As for his titanium-spine wife and children, God will bless them for their strength and unwavering support. The conservative women of this country look forward to seeing what Kavanaugh, a strong man, will accomplish.

via American Thinker

James Manning

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    March 26th, 2020

    Interesting article that did not mention the word patriarchy….


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