The Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman, Tom Perez, previously headed an organization funded by globalist billionaire George Soros that lobbies for giving illegal aliens and noncitizens the right to vote in American elections.
Perez, who now heads the DNC, gloats on his website about his work with the Soros-funded “CASA De Maryland” organization, which most recently successfully lobbied a local Maryland town to extend voting rights to illegal aliens and noncitizens.

“In 2002, Tom started as board president at CASA de Maryland, an organization that provides services to immigrants,” Perez’s website notes. “Under his leadership, CASA experienced monumental growth – from the basement of a church to a $7M headquarters that opened without a lease – and grew from a service provider to one of the largest immigrant advocacy organizations in the country.”

Most recently, CASA De Maryland was influential in pushing local public officials in College Park, Maryland to approve noncitizen voting rights, claiming the move will make for a “stronger democracy.”

“This is a courageous step in the right direction, it fosters inclusiveness and builds a stronger democracy within the City of College Park,” a CASA De Maryland official said at the time.

“All residents—regardless of immigration status—deserve to have a say on who should be the decision makers on municipal issues, from big topics like public safety and community building, to the daily work of garbage collection and snow removal,” the CASA De Maryland official continued. “The City of College Park has just issued a declaration that everyone is welcome to the table of their community family.”

Though CASA De Maryland has been pushing for giving voting rights to illegal aliens and noncitizens in local and citywide elections, the push is now folding into the mainstream national Democrat talking points as Perez heads the DNC.

Despite overwhelming research revealing widescale voter fraud by noncitizens — most recently highlighted by Eric Eggers from the Government Accountability Institute in his new book — Perez has consistently claimed that voter fraud does not exist.

“You’re more likely to see someone fatally struck by lightning than witness a case of in-person voter fraud,” Perez wrote in a TIME Magazine op-ed last year.

In 2011, while working for President Obama’s Justice Department, Perez struck down South Carolina’s efforts to enforce voter ID laws to prevent noncitizens from voting and combat voter fraud. Perez, in a statement, claimed the voter ID law was racist toward “nonwhite voters.”

“However analyzed, the state’s data demonstrate that nonwhite voters are both significantly burdened by [the photo ID requirement] in absolute terms, and also disproportionately unlikely to possess the most common types of photo identification among the forms of identification that would be necessary for in-person voting under the proposed law,” Perez wrote in a letter to South Carolina’s attorney general.

“Until South Carolina succeeds in substantially addressing the racial disparities [in voter ID possession] the state cannot meet its burden of proving that, when compared to the benchmark standard, the voter identifications requirements proposed … will not have a retrogressive effect,” Perez continued.

Giving noncitizens the right to vote is now supported by the majority of Democratic voters, where the latest Rasmussen Reports poll revealed that 54 percent of Democrats supporting giving voting rights to illegal aliens. About 53 percent of self-described liberal voters agreed.

Giving the illegal alien population the right to vote would almost ensure Democrat dominance in statewide and national elections, as foreign populations are vastly more likely to favor Democrats over Republicans.

As Breitbart News previously noted, districts with booming foreign born populations have become Democrat strongholds and the country’s legal immigration system is set to import at least eight million new foreign born voters in the next two decades.

American cities with massive foreign born populations went the strongest for Hillary Clinton in her failed bid for president against Donald Trump in the 2016 election, Breitbart News reported.

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    Jack de Lowe

    August 21st, 2018

    Why limit voting in Maryland to non-citizen residents? Why shouldn’t everyone in Afghanistan be allowed to vote?


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