Ambassador Alan Keyes addresses the false political notions and unbiblical positions being offered by the progressive open society adherents in this powerful interview with Sovereign Nations.

Are the existing immigration laws of the United States xenophobic?

You’ve undoubtedly heard both Democrats and Republicans who are in favor of open border policies say the following:

“Our immigration system has been broken for too long, and it’s well past time to pass a permanent solution.”

When asked to explain the above statement, the congressman will most likely endorse a form of open borders, non-vetting of migrants, and policies that do not properly differentiate between those that will value the rights and freedoms given to eventual citizens of the United States, and those that will not.

In fact, those that are in favor of open borders in the pursuit of an “Open Society” would reject any immigration system that would seek to halt the massive, uncontrolled flood of undocumented migrants into our Nation’s welfare and government assistance programs.  Criminal background checks would are determined to be “bigoted” and the prospect of capturing illegal migrants who have committed felonies while in the United States is resisted by progressive Democrats and Republicans.

In the video, Ambassador Keyes states the following:

“I think we are supposed to take an account of whether or not what we are doing produces a result that is in conformity with the heart of God and not just with the judgement of some people that we’d like to get on the good side of, not just in conformity with “general feelings” that don’t care for discussions of what actually is going on. That’s never been, as I recall, the Christian understanding of charity, for instance, because you eventually have to take account of in the good that you try to do for others if part of the good that you are trying to do you want to make people feel good about themselves.”

Ambassador Keyes’ comments are worth considering in our struggle to preserve our sovereign nation against the push of open, borderless, non-sovereign societies.

Michael O'Fallon
Michael O’Fallon is the Founder of Sovereign Nations, a media site dedicated to the preservation of national sovereignty.

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