Former Presidential Candidate Ambassador Alan Keyes has sage advice for President Donald Trump: embrace the Constitution and tell the House of Representatives to do their job.

In this timely interview, Ambassador Alan Keyes addresses two fundamental concerns: defense of the current Executive Branch and providing a defense of the governmental structure of United States.

Ambassador Keyes references the importance of the House of Representatives plays in the protection of the Executive Branch in preventing non-stop attacks on the current occupant of the office.

Ambassador Keyes declared: “I think the conclusion that I come to is that I read it and say that the House of Representatives have a responsibility that they are not meeting right now. And that responsibility, where some (may understand) and say ‘Are you calling for the impeachment of the President?” No, what I am calling for is that a step be taken to protect this President from this outrageous barrage of charges being handled seriously at the moment in no authoritative way because no one has the authority to deal with them: only the house does. And therefore I believe it’s in his best interests to demand that the House do its job. The air needs to be cleared. These charges and allegations need to be disposed of and a mechanism for absorbing them in an authoritative way so that they can be dealt with fairly, objectively, and with integrity needs to be established in the House of Representatives.”

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James Manning

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