Hungary’s Viktor Orbán is known across the conservative landscape as the model illiberal leader that other aspiring politicians should emulate in the current quest to replace liberty and freedom with strong-armed, right-minded authoritarianism. 

If you were to ask the average Fox-watching conservative or Christian Nationalist which nation the United States should look to as its model in a woke-torn world, most would say “Hungary” and of course, the leader of choice would be Viktor Orbán. 

In reality, Orbán’s Hungary has transitioned into an illiberal European colony of the Chinese Communist Party. And while the clean streets and lack of anything Soros should be cheered, the fact that most of what makes Hungary work in 2023 is China. 

Several years ago, Viktor Orbán embraced the neo-colonizing efforts of China’s debt diplomacy scheme known as the One Belt, One Road initiative (BRI). As a member of China’s data-hoovering, port-controlling BRI, Viktor Orbán has joined China’s illiberal version of the New World Order. 

As the South China Morning Post states:

 “Hungary received US$7.6 billion in belt and road investment last year — more than any other country — despite a multiyear downward trend in Chinese investment in Europe.” The foreign minister secured an additional $3 billion of Chinese investment during this trip. Hungary is also playing a central role at an economic exposition in China this week. As Beijing’s Global Times propaganda newspaper noted on Tuesday, “Hungary is the only guest of honor country.”

The investment from the Chinese government is dwarfed by the investment from both Chinese and other BRI national corporations. And while China’s actual market system is not “free” by Western standards, it has taken on a very “national socialism” or fascist characteristic over the last 20 years. 

In an article from the Washington Examiner titled “Viktor Orbán Goes all in for China” journalist Tom Rogan states the following about how China will control Hungary’s digital communication networks:

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has been keen to remind us of that truth during his visit to China this week. Offering Hungary’s support for the Huawei telecommunications firm/Chinese signal intelligence service, Szijjarto stated that “Huawei has a decisive role to play in [Hungary’s digitization].” The foreign minister also played to Beijing’s trope that legitimate concerns over Huawei’s products are simply the result of racism. As he put it, “No one should be excluded from the competition based on their country of origin.”

So while Hungary might seem to be the manifestation of Tolkien’s Rivendell, in reality, it has become a propped-up colony of China in the center of Europe. Viktor Orbán will continue to play the role of the very conservative and very illiberal Christian leader of Hungary. But the world is beginning to notice that Hungary and Orbán are taking on Chinese Communist Party characteristics. 

Join Michael O’Fallon as he examines Viktor Orbán’s relationship with the Chinese Communist Party on today’s Public Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestic.

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4 Comments to: Viktor Orbán: China’s Puppet | Public Occurrences, Ep. 115

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    Karen Chidwick

    July 17th, 2023

    That was amazing. You’ve mentioned Orban before and I wondered what the background was. All I knew of Hungary was the things that Tucker has said about it. Orban was painted in a very positive light, which is what he wanted, but many of the things he’s done, and so quickly, made me a little skeptical. “Too good to be true”? Nazi Germany was painted as that, too, if people will recall. I’d love to hear more about this and your background on how you and your family learned about all of it. Your mention of India brought to mind Biden’s comment about a train that would go all the way to the Indian Ocean. Seemed like a Crazy Uncle Joe kind of comment but I wondered why he would want a train going to India of all places. There is more truth buried in his ramblings than people realize or admit to.

    Thank you for all that you are doing. You have been a beacon for my family and when we discovered your Trojan Horse videos in October 2020 it set us on the path of answers for the struggle sessions my husband’s sister and BIL were putting us through and his brother on the sidelines was supporting and all the crazy things they were saying. We knew they were not making sense and had abandoned their faith but none of it made sense. Your work, and James’ work, have given us the answers we needed and have strengthened our resolve and faith in God. It’s amazing how so many things go straight back to the Garden. Satan’s ways, or goals, don’t really change all that much when you know how to look at it. We are now trying to help others to understand what is happening and reveal the truth through and in God’s Word.

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    July 18th, 2023

    Trust what Tucker Carlson had to say about Vikto Orban and Hungary.

    I usually agree with much of what you have to say in your talks, but unfortunately I find that this talk is filled with too much supposition.

    Like todays news, you have some facts, you’ve developed a theory and you’re publicising a narrative which you believe to be true. The question being, what facts are missing from your show?

    139 countries so far have joined the Belt and Road Initiative (B&RI), including Ireland and Ukraine.

    I certainly don’t consider President Michael D Higgins of Ireland to be some sort of horrific, oppressive communist, build a fence around our country kind of person.

    Now, regarding Ukraine, China has been Ukraine’s top trade partner since 2020. In 2013 Ukraine signed a deal with a Chinese government company, agreeing to lease them 100,000 hectares of farm land in Ukraine. Furthermore, since 2013 China has thus far invested around $127 million in Ukraine

    According to you, President Viktor Orban is on the wrong side, because just like 151 other countries he has agreed to join the B&RI.

    But if he is on the wrong side, then Ukraine must be as well, becausr they to are doing business with China, and since the U.S. is backing Ukraine in a war against Russia does that mean the U.S. is bad too for aiding a country that is in support of China’s Belt & Road Initiative?

    What about all the U.S. farmlands, businesses, and food production companies that are being bought up by Chinese government owned entities? Just in 2021 alone, Chinese companies invested over $38 billion into firms in the U.S. China is the U.S. third largest trading partner, after Canada and Mexico.

    Now, I would like to address the border comment you made. The refugee crisis of 2015 had hundreds of thousand of so called refugees crossing through Europe trying to make their way to the wealthier European countries like, Germany, England. and Austria. Hungary is a small country. It had great difficulty in dealing with the flow of people illegally coming through. Hungary attempted to process the people per the guidelines of the european union. This process was a way to document who and how many were coming into the country. Hungary was pressured to stop following the proper EU proceedure and just let any and all in, no questions asked. After much disagreement between the EU and Hungary over the matter., Hungary decided to put up a fence and protect its borders. The Hungarian government had a responsibility to its citizens to protect them from invasion and many people throughout Europe saw this crisis that took place as an invasion.

    I was initially going to listen to the entire program, but there is just too much wrong with it. I am just over halfway through and all I Can say is that it is the most disingenuous piece of crap.

    Regarding the Chinese listening to and knowing. Everything you are typing, if you are at a meeting in Budapest Hungariy is garbage. Here the speaker is making a claim without any proof.

    At this point I would ask you to look up and see how many Chinese police departments are operating in the U.S. and around the world. Then do a quick search of Chinese spyware on U.S. computers. Also look up Senator Swalwell and Senator Feinstein Chinese spy. Biden family Chinese connection.

    While you’re at it, you can do a search on Mass surveillance in the United States. FBI seizing peoples property.

    No counttry is perfect, I have both Hungarian and U.S. citizenship. I love both countries, but I can honestly say Hungarians tend to be better educated and more civilized.

    I saw the interview with Tucker Carlson and Vickor Orban. From my own knowledge I found the interview to be very genuine.

    Before a law can be passed in Hungary it must get 2/3 of the parliment to agree. Not everyone in Hungary likes Viktor Orban, just like not everyone in the U.S. liked Donald Trump, but they do have fair elections, that are more secure than the ones we have in the U.S. my father actually used to vollunteer during the elections, back when he was younger.

    I was very sorry to hear this talk. I have listened to all of your other ones and was pleased to hear someone else saying what I had already known to be true, but in this talk you simply could not have been farther from the truth.

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      July 18th, 2023

      Correction: In my previous comment, I had mentioned a 139 countries had so far joined the Belt & Road Initiative, then further on diw I had stated 151 countries.

      My apologies for the discrepancy. The information was taken from two different websites, one of which was more up to date than the other.

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    Joseph Novak

    August 21st, 2023

    As one who is not immune to the practice of many (“…I was pleased to hear someone else saying what I had already known to be true…” – writes Julia), this American-Hungarian Baptist pastor congratulates you for bringing attention to the governance of PM Orbán of Hungary. I will listen to this podcast later, but if the title is in sync with the message, you are far ahead of Mr. Carlson and his ilk (Dreher, Deneen, Pappin, etc., – some on Orban’s payroll, others searching for the holy land not too far from home). You looked at Orban’s actions via China and other dictatorial, authoritarian regimes – unheard of in much American media. He learned to speak Christianly as a failed liberal searching for a political future. He became a so-called Conservative to gain the support of a block of voters, the religious Hungarians. His next move will be further to the right; unfortunately, not a new direction for my beloved people.


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