What has led the Christian Church down the roads of numerous Mass Formation Psychosis programs over the past 10 years across evangelicalism?

Mass Formation Psychosis occurs when a significantly large group of people myopically focuses its attention on a leader or a series of events and their attention focuses on one small point or issue. Followers can be hypnotized and be led anywhere, regardless of data proving otherwise. We have seen this materialize across evangelicalism through the massive campaigns run through The Gospel Coalition, the ERLC, and various seminaries in Baptist, Presbyterian and Charismatic denominations.

From CRT, to intersectionality, to Revoice, to all myriads of Christianized schemes for the faithful to embrace DEI, the reflexive campaigns led by corrupt “Christian Leaders” have led millions astray and down a road of psychological manipulation.

In this discussion enters Jean Baudrillard and his understanding of hyperreality the creation of synthetic reality, which is not reality at all: it is the creation of something that is more real than real. 

It is beyond propaganda, but propaganda is certainly utilized.

It is the creation of simulacra and simulation. 

And in this world of simulacrums, we are being told to ignore what was held to be orthodox, normative and true and embrace hyperreality: an unreality that has no connection with that which it claims to represent. 

This continuation of this process leads to the development of a faith that is not the faith that was faithfully handed down from generation to generation.  What this process leads to is a rough simulated beast of C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity”. 

What it leads to is “Mere Simulacrity.”

Join Sovereign Nations Founder Michael O’Fallon as he begins his three-part series on “Mere Simulacrity.”

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2 Comments to: Mere Simulacrity | Michael O’Fallon

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    Ken McKinley

    February 1st, 2023

    Not only the Matrix… but Inception is applicable to this as well…
    It seems strange how Hollywood gives little hints to what they’re doing (Marvel’s Endgame, Nolan’s Batman films, etc…)
    Something about their sociopathic tendencies force them to reveal parts of the plan.

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      February 2nd, 2023

      Hollywood is the cauldron into which the alchemist “dissolves” his idea what is shown on the big screen is that which they have “congealed” as the reality they desire… solve et coagula… its a form of glamour magic…


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