The signers of the Declaration of Independence were not just making a corporate or political decision to separate from the British: each man was signing a potential death sentence. 

By placing their names on the Declaration of Independence the Founders of America were stating that they would defy the tyrant King George for the sake of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It was their declaration of independence from the technocratic monarchial rule that demanded their allegiance and their servitude. 

Today, we are being coerced into a national dependence on our government to provide our daily sustenance and our daily needs. Food supplies are beginning to dwindle. Gas and oil reserves are being depleted and no further contracts for drilling or refining are being made. The great “funneling” of resources in a “sustainable” model as envisioned by the World Economic Forum is being implemented throughout the world. 

Simply stated, we are moving from an “on demand” free market economy to a “scarcity” model of a socialist economy. Goods and services will be scarce. Choice will dwindle. Distribution will slow. The end result will be dependence on government distribution. 

We are tearing through the frying pan of a “great reset” and into the fire of enviro-communo-fascism: a journey into dependence.

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