The Biden Administration and technocrats at the World Economic Forum react nearly the same way to the next bad news of economic or societal pain that you are facing in your daily lived experience:  

“It isn’t our fault. It just happens. But we know how to fix it.”

And yet somehow over the past 3 years, paradigm shifting, catastrophic events seem to be happening one after another with no end in sight:

  • Viruses and more viruses.
  • Collapsing infrastructure and disrupting supply chain issues.
  • Skyrocketing inflation and supply chain disruptions
  • Escalating energy prices

These things are happening because those in the government and within our corporations are attempting to dismantle our capitalistic system. The attempt is to end the “on demand” capitalist system in the United States and replace it with a rationed socialistic system that will create “sustainability.”

Our politicians and CEOs will not end this crisis. The crisis will only end if the American people will respond to the challenges that we are faced with and defeat those that are attempting to harm our way of life.

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