The crisis that our nation is now facing over the escalation of the price of oil and gas does not come as a surprise to the Biden Administration. That is why you had Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg and others calmly and joyfully discuss the transition out of oil and gas and into electric cars and “renewable energy.” The Biden Administration was not surprised at the spike in oil and gas: they created the spike.

And not only is the Biden Administration responsible for the spike in gas and oil, but also corporations such as Black Rock who have helped to design this painful transition of the west into truly unsustainable energy. Black Rock’s emphasis on ESG investing and the transition to the World Economic Forum’s 2030 Agenda has been well documented.

Accelerating gas and oil to unsustainable prices for the average person is not the end goal of governments and corporations entangled with the World Economic Forum. The primary goals are:

  1. Ending personal, volitional freedom of movement
  2. Ending the ownership of personal vehicles 
  3. Eliminating the reliance on the petro dollar 
  4. Creating reliance on stakeholder controlled corporations
  5. Eliminating energy sources that can be uncontrollable and untraceable 
  6. Disrupting and dismantling western nations 
  7. Elevating impoverished nations through the use of gas and oil resources

This has very little if anything to do with punishing Vladimir Putin for his incursions into Ukraine: it will not be Russia that is punished. The nation that will endure pain and hardship in this financial crisis will be the United States of America.

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One Comment to: A Great Reset of Energy: Part 1 | Public Occurrences, Ep. 79

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    David S.

    March 11th, 2022

    I love your show but you are wrong about EV. The matter of gas powered vs electric vehicle is not the same as private ownership, autonomous driving vehicles, control over your vehicles destination, or ability to afford and you do yourself a disservice when you conflate those issues. Electric Vehicle is simply a technological innovation and improvement which is inevitable in the same way that the horse and buggy was replaced by the automobile. EVs do not necessitate lack of ownership, control, or fully autonomous vehicles. There is no reason why an EV can’t be as affordable to own as a gas powered car when mass produced and Tesla has in fact almost achieved that. It is possible to remotely shut down gas powered vehicles just as it is electric vehicles for the same reason that they are run by computers; the fact that one is powered by electricity and the other fuel is completely irrelevant to that. Fully autonomous vehicles are not yet here but if such technology were available it doesn’t follow that the owner of the vehicle couldn’t utilize it without having complete control over it’s destination; back doors and remote control by other parties is a separate matter distinct from the immediate manual or computer control over the vehicles driving and one does not necessitate the other. I don’t believe in manmade climate change dooms day scenarios but the rise of EVs will greatly reduce exhaust and noise pollution in populated areas which is a good thing for everybody and modern day EVs have a range as great as most gas powered vehicles and will soon greatly surpass it. There is no reason why we can’t have the technological advancements without all of the tyrannical schemes and most people will embrace these technologies eventually even without government coercion simply because they recognize their improvements on their lives.


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