As the foundational pillars of our society begin asking the most important questions of “why” and “how” the meltdown of all of our institutions has happened over the past 10 years, serious introspection is needed to ensure that:

  1. We fix what is seriously damaged
  2. Ensure that this never happens again

In pursuing this line of inquiry, it is incumbent upon those that were supposed to be the guardians of our institutions to ask questions not just of others – but of themselves. 

Firstly, leaders of political institutions, faith-based institutions and educational institutions need to first acknowledge that they failed miserably. 

In particular, the Christian Evangelical seminaries and parachurch ministries, who touted themselves as guardians of the truth, were blind, deaf, and dumb to the theological and ideological invasion in their midst. Warnings were not heeded, pleadings were dismissed and the result of this ivory tower hubris is that literally tens of thousands of woke pastors are now infecting the Body of Christ. The self-appointed guardians failed their duty – – and now are demanding the reigns of power and control to be placed back in their irresponsible hands. 

In America’s corporate stables, gargantuan money from predatory investors such as BlackRock, Vanguard and others forced their way onto boards of seemingly impenetrable organizations with woke fascistic intentions. The result has been disastrous – creating a corporate governance class that is directing a previously democratic process. 

Michael O’Fallon explores the who, how, and begins to unveil the “why” in today’s Public Occurrences both Foreign and Domestic.

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