As we celebrate the birth of Christ and enjoy our Christmas season, we should recall that much of what we take for granted in the orthodox Christian faith was seriously challenged by the rise of Gnosticism in the 1st and 2nd centuries. 

One of the core Christian doctrines that were under attack was the incarnation of Jesus Christ. 

The 2nd century Bishop of Lyon, Irenaeus, stood strongly against the heresy of Gnosticism in his 2nd century writing titled “The Proof of the Apostolic Preaching” where he states:

“So, if He was not born, neither did He die; and if he did not die; neither was he raised from the dead, death is not conquered nor its kingdom destroyed; and if death is not conquered, how are we to ascend to life, having fallen under death from the beginning.”

In order for us to truly celebrate this Christmas, it is necessary to fully understand the coming of Christ in human flesh.

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