Every facet of your life, your culture, your nation, and your faith is under attack from those that will always find some sort of “contradiction” in your understanding of your beliefs or what makes up “normality.” 

This strategy of “accelerating the contradictions” was used effectively by Marxist Revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, who stated in his work, The Heritage We Renounce

The ‘disciple’ of dialectical materialism believes in the present course of social development, because he sees the only earnest hope of a better future in the full development of these contradictions. The first and last trends therefore strive to support, accelerate, facilitate development along the present path, to remove all obstacles which hamper this development and retard it.”

If you love movies: all of the old movies you loved must be cancelled and a new movie with the same theme, like The Lord of The Rings,  must now follow strict diversity, inclusion and equity codes. 

If you love your church: your denomination was probably responsible for some act of discrimination in the past and now your church must be focused on critical social justice. 

If you love your nation: you must only focus on the 1619 Project and hate the Founding Fathers – no love of country or of liberty allowed. 

In every case, the Marxist concept of “accelerating the contradictions” is applied to the way civilization was to prepare for the way civilization will be – a communofascist utopia controlled by ESG scores and the diversity police. 

These radical contradictions are applied to all facets of life: education, history, entertainment, sports, church, and even normal male and female relations. 

We must end this encroachment on our liberties and on our national conscience. The strategy to end this insanity begins with us.

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