If you have been listening to our podcasts and presentations over the past four years you would have heard a phrase from me that should sound quite familiar.

The phrase from years past would go something like this:

“Our civilization is in the midst of being transformed, against our volitional allowance, from an analog world of substance, material, and objective truth and into a digital world of data, alchemy, and subjectivism.”

And while this warning of what is happening both around you and to you may have seemed obscure and technical in years past, my words from the past may have started to become relevant in November of 2021.

On today’s Public Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestic, we will examine how we are being forcibly pushed into massive change: a metasystem change.

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Michael O'Fallon
Michael O’Fallon is the Founder of Sovereign Nations, a media site dedicated to the preservation of national sovereignty.

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