Since February of 2020, the world has been told what to think, how to behave, and what to do in regards to responding to what was first referred to as the “Wuhan Virus” by mainstream media and was eventually mandated as Covid-19. We were told that we could not speculate on the virus’ origins, we could not take certain therapies, and we could not question the wisdom of the draconian policies of the CDC and local public health officials. 

At what point did we engage in national debate? At what signpost did the nation demand for a robust polemic discussion on the claims of the technocrats who made hyperbolic prognostications that never materialized? 

We have watched as small businesses and restaurants have been shuttered forever due to the responses to the virus. We have witnessed houses of worship being told how, when and by what procedures that they may practice their faith because of the “threat of Covid-19.” We have stood by as our rights and freedoms have been decimated.

Where was the national debate? Where was the evidence and rebuttals? 

We will explore these questions and more on today’s Public Occurrences both Foreign and Domestic.

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One Comment to: We Need Debate | Public Occurrences, Ep. 12

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    Fred Pursley

    August 23rd, 2021

    This has become my favorite daily podcast . Thank you!!


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