When discussing visions of the dystopian future that we are transitioning into, we immediately think of the two novels from Orwell and Huxley, “1984” and “Brave New World” that provide contrasting visions of a liberty-less future for humanity.  

We may also think of H.G. Wells and his “The Shape of Things to Come” as well as his non-fiction future casting works, “The Global Brain,” “The Open Conspiracy” and “The New World Order.” Each of Wells’s works was the result of not only his thoughts, but also the thoughts and strategies of those who existed within the influence of the Fabian Society and other technocratic-minded think tanks. 

But one author that you may not think of, but you should is Ira Levin who wrote This Perfect Day back in 1969. 

Many years ago, I had personally recommended this book to men that I hoped would some day realize what is happening around us and stand against the coming night. Once such person is Dr. James White, who has recommended this book to his followers.

Today we examine “This Perfect Day” and attempt to set the course to rise up against this totalitarian madness before it is too late.

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One Comment to: This Perfect Day | Public Occurrences, Ep. 11

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    August 20th, 2021

    Yeah. This is not fiction. It’s a ripoff by an obviously indoctrinated convert of the Commie technocratic utopia ascended man, Oneness Gaia worship global religious order being taught by UN to the present generation of young Global Citizens. For a modern treatment, please read Carl Teichrib’s Game of Gods. It will confirm most everything in this ostensible “fiction” novel, and then some.


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