Although 61% of Millennials claim to be Christian, only 2% of that 61% hold to a Biblical Christian worldview. 

A study at Arizona Christian University begins with the revelation that 98% of millennial Christians do not believe that absolute moral truths exist which is the primary drop-off of the cliff of what constitutes an objective understanding of truth – both Biblical and through correspondence. 

As the massive popularity of the neo-reformed and neo-evangelical strains of Christianity in millennials circles grew from  2000 – 2018, who were the theological thought leaders and teachers of the millennial generation?

Who formed coalitions and have sought to bring all evangelicals under one reformed magisterial tent? 

Who has sought to deconstruct Biblical hierarchies? 

Who has preached that we “need to move past the idea of stagnant, objective truth to a truth that works today?”

Who has hired professors into their institutions that teach critical race theory, intersectionality, standpoint epistemology and have actively supported the concept that we need to “decolonize Scripture?”

Who has sought to divide the sexes and encourage the Church #MeToo movement?

Who has stoked and fomented the fires of anti-Americanism?

Who has aligned themselves with progressive, supranational organizations like the National Immigration Forum and Open Societies Foundations?

Who has supported the Marxist, family-destroying, civilization-ending efforts of BLM?

Who in reformed evangelicalism, when confronted over these issues, has attempted to personally destroy anyone who resists their strategies and plans?

Who has decided to capitulate with “The Big Sort” or “The Great Reset” when they were told that it was inevitable? 

Did any of these “leaders” think for one moment that if enough of them that were approached were to say “no” to the revenue-rich scheme that they could actually dispel and obliterate the future plans of dystopian tyrants?

Nearly an entire generation has been lost to a false gospel of vengeance, grievance, and the ever-shifting false promises of a subjective, intersectional “faith” that masquerades as Biblical Christianity. 

I was standing alone for many years, risking my reputation, my business, and my honor to speak out against this insidious cancer. I begged and pleaded with others to understand what was coming. 

This is a political move disguised as a theological move. And not just a little support for liberal ideals. No. This is a move into radical subjectivism that will lead to a revolution. 

I pleaded with my Brothers to understand what this move is and what it would eventually lead to, but I was rebuffed by many.  Thankfully, since the summer of 2019, we have turned the corner.  Sovereign Nations was able to show this entire scheme for what it actually is: an attempt to deconstruct our civilization with an aim to build it back up again, upside down, as a subjective technocracy. 

Thankfully, we now have others that have come alongside to battle this evil, to provide a path for those that have been involved with this movement to come out and to come clean, to clear their conscience and to cleanse their souls. And to do so before it is too late. 

Anyone who stands against Christian Deconstructionists deserves your support. Be patient with them. Some are angry, some are bitter – no doubt. The attacks on all of us have been tremendous. But we must rely on the Spirit to bear with one another and keep together because we will not succeed if we are divided continuously: perpetually trying to “one-up” one another. This will only lead to silo-ing and our own defeat.

This hideous beast of deception must be defeated. And you, dear friend, are my fellow happy warrior in the battle. 

Always think of the 98% of “almost christians” that have been left behind deceived into thinking that the plastic, powerless, vengeful “christ” that they are forwarding into the revolution. 

It is up to us. No one will ride in on a white horse to save the faith and our civilization. 

It is time to pray, unite and work together to overcome this hideous darkness. We need to call it for what it is and stop with the qualifiers. 

This October 8-10 in Tampa, FL we will be uniting to clarify, implore, and stand on truth. We will provide a mighty push back on “The Great Awokening” and spark a true awakening.  I will be joined by men tested and ready for the battle: Josh Buice, Phil Johnson, Ryan Helfenbein, Brad Jurkovich, Tom Buck, Tom Ascol, Rod Martin, Darrell Bernard Harrison, Virgil Walker, and John Connell. 

Join us and be equipped and prepared to contend for the truth in an age of unprecedented darkness.

Michael O'Fallon
Michael O’Fallon is the Founder of Sovereign Nations, a media site dedicated to the preservation of national sovereignty.

One Comment to: A Generation is Lost and Our Faith and Nation are in Peril

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    Wayne Thompson

    October 9th, 2020

    Thank you for your good work. I’ve watched several of your videos, particularly, the ones with James Lindsay and Peter Bergoshan.

    I agree with your central message. Unfortunately, too many are not seeing this “social justice” movement for what it truly is



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