President Trump — held against his will and abused — is the focus of a new ad campaign by the athletic apparel company Dhvani.

Times Square ad space has been purchased for the #StandForSomething campaign, which features the commander in chief bound in red, white, and blue rope while an angry woman looming over him presses her foot on his face.

“You’ll notice some significant changes at,” the Portland, Oregon based company tweeted Monday. “We realize that some of our customers won’t agree with our activism and that’s okay with us. We’re not afraid to make bold statements & exercise our first amendment rights.”

AdAge reported on the Times Square “Lady Liberty” purchase on Thursday, which includes “middle school teacher and Marine Corps veteran Michal Mesa” looming over Mr. Trump.

“[It’s] inspired by the superhero Wonder Woman and her Lasso of Truth,” Ad Age reported.

Another image on Dhvani’s Twitter feed feature Mr. Trump surrounded by five women while one of his captors holds duct tape in front of his mouth.

“Lady Liberty” is a metaphor.

We are 100% against violence.
We support Justice & The Rule of Law.
We stand with more than half of our nation in support of Impeachment.

— DHVANI (@DhvaniWear) October 18, 2019

“For nearly three long & tiring years, our American patriotism has been exploited,” the company tweeted Tuesday. “We were told President Trump that he would ‘make America great again.’ Instead, we have a nation more divided than ever before & further away from the ideals that make America truly ‘great.’ … Enough is enough. We’re taking a stand. We’re standing up for a woman’s right to choose, which is the law of the land. We’re standing up for women and LGBTQ+ rights. We’re standing up for the un- & under-insured’s ability to access affordable reproductive care.”

Chloe Mason, Dhvani chief communications officer and the lead model in the campaign, told Curve Magazine that Planned Parenthood had a role in bringing the campaign to life.

“We are proud to join Planned Parenthood in defending women from assaults on our reproductive rights,” Ms. Mason said Tuesday. “Trump administration policies are threatening the health and bodily autonomy of women, especially women of color, low-income women, and LGBTQ women.”

Update: Planned Parenthood released a statement on Friday denying involvement in the campaign.

Melanie Newman, SVP of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, wrote the following: “Planned Parenthood does not endorse this campaign, nor will we be accepting funds raised by this campaign. Our staff members have faced threats and acts of violence for doing their jobs, and many of our patients turn to us as their safe space for care after facing violence in their lives. We do not condone violence or violent imagery against anyone.”

via Washington Times

James Manning

One Comment to: ‘Trump’ Bound, Abused Appears In Dhvani’s Times Square Ad Buy: ‘We’re Not Afraid’

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    November 1st, 2019

    What a disgusting ad campaign. What total hypocrites . To the Leftist Fascists that are plaguing this nation, my only thought is how fortunate you are that the true patriots live by a code that exceeds your secular Marxist dogma. No doubt we will fight you in the future/no doubt we will take as many of you down as possible. The difference is that when we fight, it will be for liberty and justice. We live by a higher code than you could ever imagine. We do not worship evil and tyranny, like you. In the end, good triumphs. God WINS. But you and your minions will further a hell on earth until that time. May you experience a change of heart before it is too late. And if not, join your father, Lucifer, for eternity.


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