Update October 18, 2019 at 9:44 a.m. ET: This article originally reported that Dr. Georgulas was seeking Sole Managing Conservatorship. On the evening of October 17, 2019, it was clarified in court that she is actually seeking to modify Jeffrey’s possession schedule. She is seeking to limit the boys’ overnight stays with him, force Jeffrey to refer to James as “Luna,” require Jeffrey to take a class on transgenderism, and compel Jeffrey to complete two years of counseling.

Jury selection began on October 15, 2019 in the court battle between a father trying to stop his ex-wife from “transitioning” their seven-year-old son into a “girl.”

Jeffrey Younger has been fighting in court to protect his son James from gender therapy and chemical castration. His ex-wife Anne Georgulas is trying to “transition” James. Younger is requesting joint decision-making with Georgulas on psychiatric care for the child.

Currently, the court has ruled that Younger and Georgulas theoretically must agree on medical decisions, school decisions, and any other decisions pertaining to James and his twin, Jude. Georgulas, a pediatrician, has been granted sole authority for all psychiatric care for the boys.

This trial is Younger’s last chance to save his son. After the jury is selected, arguments will begin. Family cases like this are not typically heard by juries, but are sometimes in Texas.

Judge Kim Cooks will be presiding over the case. Judge Cooks appears to be a supporter of family rights based on her Twitter bio, which reads, “Re-elect Judge Cooks for fairness, justice, and preservation of the family. Your continued support is a blessing!!”

According to a Facebook page set up to raise awareness about the case, Younger claims Judge Cooks has made it clear by her actions that she wants to set a precedent for “modern techniques” in child development.

James’ mother began telling him he was a girl when he was just three years old. James had a “coming out” party as part of his fifth birthday party. His mother enrolled him in school as a girl, “Luna.” He dresses as a girl at school and uses the girls’ restroom. When James is with his father, however, he dresses as a boy, goes by the name James, and acts like a typical seven-year-old boy. Younger is forbidden by the court from speaking to James about gender.

Georgulas attempted to enroll James at the GENECIS Clinic to begin “gender transition therapy,” a program that would have included puberty blockers in coming years. The clinic did not accept him, however, due to his father’s refusal to participate in what he called “child abuse.”

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