What if you were seeking to subvert or deconstruct the current laws of the United States, our constitution, our way of life? Our way of life in total, even down to the most fundamental of all of our human governmental hierarchies, the family. How would you do it?

The term for undertaking such a massive societal shift can be summed up in a word that is becoming increasingly familiar in our normal day-to-day discussions: deconstruction.

The deconstruction of our societal hierarchies is a complex undertaking with the primary concern of fracturing the cohesiveness of a society, nation, or community with the intention of taking the useful rubble of the demolition and rebuilding a new, reformed hierarchy.

So what is it that is being done to deconstruct our nation?

Van Jones, the progressive political commentator and former Green Jobs Advisor to the Obama White House, stated the following at the NOW Campaign for America’s Future back in 2010:

“Our governing move is three things — top down, bottom up, and inside out. We need to work on the middle and the bottom. Government will handle the top down but it’s also bottom-up and inside-out — so now you’re challenged as you leave here — your challenge is to take care of that bottom part and that inside-out part — the heart part.”

 Van Jones gave a brief, truncated version of ‘what is going on.’ A more thorough understanding of the strategy for complete societal and social change is as follows:

  1. Top-Down: Political change through the election of – or placement of individuals into office as lawmakers or law enforcers  dedicated to societal, hierarchical and economic structural change. While “top-down” strategies are effective for short periods of time, the necessity of a multi-strata push is required for lasting change. 
  2. Bottom-Up: Grass roots (or more often astro-turf) mass reflexive movements that utilize fertile fallacies to gather large groups to demand immediate change – normally to appeal to the “top down” legislators for immediate change in law.
  3. Side-to-side: Change stemming from socio-technical disruption, characterised by systemic innovation changes. Think about changes in social media, the constraints on freedom of expression or speech.  Many times this is combined with the fourth strata of civilizational change.
  4. Inside-Out: The middle. Change stemming from contemplative practices, seeking transformative changes to our ends as well as our means. The psychological, spiritual and cultural, national underpinnings of all the other forms of social change; often contemplative or reflective in spirit, targeted mostly at major nationally held assumptions, immunity to change, and refusal to accept progressive or globalist change. [1]

If imposed and allowed to flourish, this particular strategic methodology has been nearly unbeatable in spurning bloodless revolutions in every society, nation, community and faith that it has been put into action. 

Our societies, nations, and faith systems are under attack by this purposed, ‘malware-styled,’ morphing attack by those that desire to shatter what we love into bits and then mold it into their utopian future. 

In this episode of The Causes of Things, we explore this map of systemic change and posit the necessary question: “what are we going to do about it?”

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[1] The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA)

Michael O'Fallon
Michael O’Fallon is the Founder of Sovereign Nations, a media site dedicated to the preservation of national sovereignty.

One Comment to: The Plan To Change Everything: Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Inside-Out

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    Arleen Lipke

    June 16th, 2020

    Your article mirrors Dr.Taylor Marshall’s U-tube presentation where he read and explained Archbishop Carlo Vigano’s letter to President Trump. He discussed the meaning of Solve et Coagula, the Masonic phrase referenced by Vigano, that appears tattooed on the arms of the satanic goat idol, Baphomet. Dr. Marshall went into some detail that Solve referred to the dissolution, and complete break down of society, and current political, economic and religious structures to make way for Coagula, that is to reform them into a society and political, economic and religious order that fits the Masonic vision of human existence, a society in which every God-fearing person would shudder. I highly recommend all of Dr. Marshall’s presentations.


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